Our community AMA has a certain structure that is common to each project.

AMA will have 3 segment:
Segment 1: Introduce project and Guest. We will prepare a few simple questions about the project overview
Segment 2: 5 questions from the community from Twitter. We will post the announcement on twitter a few days before AMA so everyone can ask questions, guests need to choose the 5 best questions from the tweet link.
Segment 3: Live question. We’ll open up a 1-2 minute chat group so people can post questions. Guest will select 5 best questions and answer them

Sometimes there will be necessary changes to suit each project. Example:
Segment 3: We can open 2 rounds for people to submit questions. Number of possible winners is 10 winners.
Segment 4: a few quiz questions.

Requirements for the winners

  • Must join the group and channel telegram Blockelite group.
  • Must joingroup and channel telegram of the AMA project
  • Must follow Blockelite twitter and twitter project AMA, retweet the AMA announcement in twitter.