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Blockchain investment institution Redline DAO

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September 10, 2021 – Redline Capital, a leading investment institution focusing on investing in the field of blockchain technology, today has officially announced that Redline Capital was renamed as Redline DAO. This initiative is a vital part of the Redline DAO’s strategy as it seeks to deepen the company’s global compliance strategy and adapt to changing markets. Most notably, with this latest rebrand effort, Redline DAO has become the world’s first decentralized autonomous investment institution.

According to the company, Redline DAO will launch six new venture capital funds, each with a scale of 20 million dollars to invest in six major tracks: Solana ecology, AVAX ecology, DeFi, NFT, GameFi and trading.

Redline DAO is a form of organization derived from the core idea of blockchain. The six founding members will follow the principles of equality, voluntariness and mutual benefit, devote themselves to discovering early high-quality blockchain projects, provide all-round incubation support for the project parties and accompany the growth of start-ups. At present, the fund management scale of Redline DAO exceeds 500 million dollars and external financing is not available for the time being.

Kris Li, Founder of Redline DAO, said, “While we’ve made significant progress in our investments already, the formation of our rebranded Redline DAO is a more concerted effort to accelerate our growth at a pivotal point for our company.Redline Dao will pursue value investment and adhere to making friends with time. One of our primary priorities is to help make the ecosystem truly global. In addition, we have been participating in community governance to provide partners with more value than investment. Our investment team is working alongside the founders to provide guidance and expertise for growth not only in Asia and also across time zones so that we can create a more cohesive strategy and continue to invest in and support the most innovative projects that are shaping the blockchain and DeFi spaces. We also welcome outstanding talents from all over the world to join us!”