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Blockelite x Alien Worlds AMA Recap

Thank you to everyone who joined AMA Blockelite x Alien Worlds on 28th January at 2:00 PM UTC I 9:00 PM UTC+7. Here is the recap for those who missed this AMA.

Our special guest today is REEEHEEEAlien Worlds community manager

Segment 1: Introduction about Alien Worlds and guests

Q1: Can you briefly introduce yourself as well as Alien Worlds?

REEEHEEEAlien Worlds community manager: Yap sure thing, I am the Alien Worlds community manager, I’m helping the team, the community and other people out if they need help in understanding specific parts and/or mechanics of the game. And as I already said I’m in the last year of school, so a pretty young guy ( I guess) 😁
The joy to be here though and to be part of such a great and big thing is wonderful.

Q2: To help us know more about your project, what products does Alien Worlds build? What do your offer users?

REEEHEEEAlien Worlds community manager: Alien Worlds is an defi DAO-based metaverse that uses NFTs as part of gameplay. We have put 6 Planet DAOs into space, and they compete for control of Trilium, the ERC-20 fungible token of the metaverse. Landowners try to make their land most attractive to miners who mine Trilium and NFTs. Gamers develop different mining and staking strategies depending on the NFTs they own and collect. We’ve grown to be the 1st yes truly the biggest blockchain game in just a month (barely publicising the game link itself) because we’ve thought about the game dynamics, incentives and depth of game play very carefully and designed a pretty compelling system.

Q3: How do I join the Alien Worlds? How can the users earn passive income with Alien Worlds?

REEEHEEEAlien Worlds community manager: Everyone can start the game also super easy by just creating an wax wallet here: , no keys or anything like that are involved and you can directly start playing and earning in the game.

Then you press login there will pop up a little window ( the wax cloud wallet login ).
After that press mine, choose your equip your planet and your land and mine as much as you want

No fees, completely free

You will be able to mine TLM, that’s our main token, and you are able to also get NFTs by mining on land.
TLM or well actually it is called Trilium, is used for a variety of things, like shining, staking, exchanging to WAX and a lot more is coming as well like the thunderdome and nebula quests

haha I actually typed that so often that I have it in my mind:

Q4: What are the Trilium token utilities? How is Trilium token distributed?

REEEHEEEAlien Worlds community manager: It is used for, as I already said, staking, shining and exchanging to wax, features that are coming are a kind of pvp with a lot of minions fighting against each other the so called thunderdome and a lot more

The tokens get distributed trough many complex algorithms that account your equiped NFTs ( your tools for mining) and the land you are mining on, also the amount of how many people are mining at the same time and how big the pools are (how much Trilium actually is available at that specific time)

Q5: What are some achievements of Alien Worlds? What is the roadmap and marketing plan of your project for 2021?

REEEHEEEAlien Worlds community manager: We launched the game in an early phase, switched already to our stake based Alien Worlds Daily Trilium Allocation, partnered already in this early state with other projects, reached 7.7k+ users and are on dappradar the 7th biggest app in general, the 1st biggest game and the overall top 1st app on the WAX chain.

If we look at the user count (last 30 days) we see a increase of users of crazy 2000%

We also just released our long awaited shining feature like 2 days ago

Segment 2: 5 best questions from Twitter

Q1: Many platforms with digital arts have not yet been able to exploit the full potential of the NFT and digital arts, they only have them as tokens of symbolic value. How important are NFTs within AlienWorlds? What is their role in the platform and games? What are your NFTs usecase?

REEEHEEEAlien Worlds community manager: They are very important, you will need them for everything you are doing, that’s something that distinguishes us from other projects, these are not only nice looking NFTs but you can and need to use them actively

But don’t worry if you think but how should I start the game then?
Well we send every new player a NFT so they can start already playing. 🙂

But don’t pm me for that though, they get automatically sent 🙂

Q2: I’ve never met AlienWorlds before, so if I start this game, I’m very novice. Can you guide me on how to earn trilium and nft? Do I need a specific initial investment to get started?

REEEHEEEAlien Worlds community manager: Of course my friend!

Check out our discord:

Check out our telegram:

you will find there a lot people that are willing to help

you can also pm me everytime on discord as that is the place where I am mostly

Q3: I found that Land NFT has many use cases on Alien Worlds ecosystem, but I can’t find the use cases of the other 4 NFTs. So what is the benefits if we own Avatars, Tools, Minions, and Weapons NFT? Are these NFTs has same function like Land?

REEEHEEEAlien Worlds community manager: tools are used for mining
crew/minions are used for thunderdome (coming soon)
weapons are also used in the thunderdome
avatars are moreover only a cosmetic
artefacts will help and boost things in the feature on a variety of things

Q4: I read on your website that as ALIEN users, we can create our own NFTs, so after that, can I monetize and sell them for a profit? If so, who assigns the value of each one? And through what process can I sell them?

REEEHEEEAlien Worlds community manager: That is a slight mistake I guess, you can’t well… create Alien world NFTs, they only can be minted and created by alien.worlds. You can create some NFTs though anyways but thats your collection then nothing official

you can drop them trough contracts on your land though if you would like to, i am pretty sure cryptomonkeys are already doing so with their NFTs

If you create your own NFT you decide how many they will cost, but if nobody wants to buy them then you probably need to lower the price 😅

ohh you also don’t create the NFT on alien.worlds or so you create it on for example

Q5: What is Trilium role for AlienWorlds ? and what are the benefits for long-term holders Trilium , and does transaction mining and liquidity mining also benefit share holders Trilium the long term?

REEEHEEEAlien Worlds community manager: It holds alien worlds together, people need it for a lot of things in alien worlds.
Staking, shining, thunderdome etc.
People already experienced a really nice boost in the price of the TLM token (on exchanges)

they bought a lot in bulks and made double that much, it’s interesting to see things like that.
There is surely a huge interest in the game

Segment 3: Live questions

Q1: To be able to play AlienWorlds games, what do I have to do? Is there a video tutorial on how users can register & join to play the AlienWorlds game? and can NFTs in AlienWorlds games be exchanged or traded?

REEEHEEEAlien Worlds community manager: AlienWorlds is developed by Blockchain Wax. How to make DeFi’s gramification model and the most attractive NFT asset on the market? How will Trilium & NFT help achieve AlienWorlds’ goal of becoming the best gaming platform on the gaming market?

you just need to create an wax cloud wallet account and then login with it on

Q2: These days, security of funds is paramount to investors. How secure would investor’s funds be on your platform?
Who are your target audience? How do you plan to reach them?

REEEHEEEAlien Worlds community manager: The security is on a really high standard we are not anymore in the times were everyone uses a cold wallet but the most people use hot wallets as these are really secure as well + 2 factor authorization and everyone is really fine already. Everything is transparent and saved on the blockchain,everyone can check everything.

The investors see that our token is winning in value and they are already coming on their own, we also have a lot advertisements planed.

Our audience we target? Everyone who is able to use a device and wants to make some money while doing so 🙂

Q3: What are your major goals to achieve in the next 3-5 years? What are your plans to expand and gain more adoption? And Partnerships?
How do you elevate crypto participants understanding of project?

REEEHEEEAlien Worlds community manager: improvement in liquidity and stabilization, improvements and features as in updates for the game, expansion of the community and a tight connection to every investor.
We have some great things planed, probably a public sale incoming.

Q4:Do you have any Coin Burn / BuyBack systems or any $Token Burn plans to increase the value of Token & attract Investors to invest?

REEEHEEEAlien Worlds community manager: What a coincidence, our new shining feature burns used TLM and NFTs, the price obviously as you already said increases then. More burning features come with the thunderdome and future updates 😀

A true deflation that will increase the price of the tokens 🙂

Q5: Do you have plans to build your wallet and what wallets can support your tokens? do you have plans to expand?

REEEHEEEAlien Worlds community manager: at this moment we only support the wax cloud wallet as we really enjoy it, in form of features and simplicity

Q6: What makes you most proud of the progress of the AlienWorlds project so far?

REEEHEEEAlien Worlds community manager: The community is great, the token is greatly stable, the team is awesome, the rules are simple, the profit is huge and the ideas are nice, we reached #1 on dapper and improved the game a lot.

Our AMA session is now over !!!