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Blockelite X BlockPad AMA Recap

Thank you to everyone who joined AMA Blockelite x BlockPad on 24th May at 3:30 PM UTC I 10:30 PM (UTC+7). Here is the recap for those who missed this AMA.

Our special guest today is BlockPad Team

Segment 1: Introduction about BlockPad and BlockPad team

Q1: Can you briefly introduce yourself as well as about the BlockPad?

BlockPad team: Well, we are a crypto-native people having an extensive experience from ICO era. Having participated in various IDOs through almost all launchpads, we knew something is missing there and that’s where BlockPad was born. It is a multichain community-governed IDO launchpad disrupting tier-oriented IDO structures yet providing guaranteed allocations to investors.

Blockelite Team: When have you joined crypto?

BlockPad team: Bitcoin has certainly gained our attraction and that’s how we started exploring various chains.

Q2: “BlockPad – The First Multichain Community-Governed IDO Launchpad”, how do you different from other IDO platforms? What solutions do you bring to the user and the project should choose you?

BlockPad team: Users participating in IDOs through a variety of launchpads know the issues. We already have published an article showcasing various issues the end users are facing. Here it is:
So, we will be providing solution to the issues mention in this article. The upcoming projects will be able to leverage our native BlockPad vault for creating customized vesting schedules. We are also thinking of developing tools that are crucial to new projects which we think can attract new projects.

Q3: What are the criteria for projects eligible to implement in IDO at BlockPad? And how will the project be supported by BlockPad after it is selected?

BlockPad team: Sustainable liquidity lock will be the prime criteria along with tokenomics with good vesting schedules. In the end, our community will determine whether a particular project should move towards the investment pool or not. Successful projects from our launchpad will have our full support in potential partnerships, technicalities, marketing and even some grants.

Q4: Can you introduce us about BlockPad Vault? What role does BlockPad Vault play in the BlockPad ecosystem?

BlockPad team: BlockPad Vault is an escrow platform for tokenomics. Projects coming on our launchpad will be able to create a vesting schedules through BlockPad Vault with discount fees. Besides, anyone can create a lock using BlockPad Vault without having prior knowledge. The portion of fees collected by BlockPad Vault will be utilized to buy back and burn our native tokens.

Q5: What is your market strategy to get mass adoption of millions of users and attract investors to your project?

BlockPad team: Partnering crowdfunding platforms on blockchains with BlockPad Vault will make a good exposure as projects do need to create a vesting schedule or lock tokens. Besides, getting quality projects through advisors and VCs will fuel the attraction.

Segment 2: Twitter questions

Q1: Many of investor just focus on the price of token in short term instead of real value of project. Can you tell us the motivation and benefits for investors of this project to long term?

BlockPad team: As we guaranteed allocations to our token stakers, people without staked tokens will not have a guaranteed spot. So, if they are selling tokens, they will be in potential loss. Besides, we will be providing values to incentives for staking on our platform. Aligning with trending blockchain is the real motivation here as if projects on BSC saturate, we will be welcoming project on new chains to meet the market demand and longevity of the project.

Q2: What is PROJECT’s revenue model? In which ways do you generate revenue/profit?

BlockPad team: The BlockPad Vault and Launchpad will be our prime sources of revenue. We will be utilizing portion of revenues to buy back and burn tokens upon critical token value conditions – not instantly. New projects need to utilize various tools for let’s say liquidity mining, staking events etc. via third-parties but we will also try to accommodate natively, ultimately making a new revenue stream.

Segment 3: Live questions

Q1. I believe that BlockPad is really Great and has very big Potential to Thrive in the future. Can you please Tell me how I can do Investment with BlockPad Do you have any ICO or maybe presale now?

BlockPad team: Well, once we are done with our seed sale and private sale, we will organize our IDO. If you are interested in participating in our private round, kindly fill this form:

Q2. What are the list plans of $BlockPad ? What will you do in the future so that $BlockPad can list other exchanges and moreover dramatically increase transaction volume?

BlockPad team: We will be listing on BSC DEX after our IDO and we are planning to be listed on CEX in Q3. In meantime, we will also be on multiple DEXs.

Q3. BlockPad was born to solve what problem? What does it bring to the blockchain community?

BlockPad team: We have written an entire article to answer you in brief. Here is it: