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Blockelite X DeHive AMA Recap

Thank you to everyone who joined AMA Blockelite x DeHive on 25th June at 1:00 PM UTC I 08:00 PM (UTC+7). Here is the recap for those who missed this AMA.

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Yuno – Blockelite Host: Hello fellow Eliters and welcome to another Blockelite AMA Series
So ladies and gents, Our special guest today is Alex – CTO of DeHive
Hello @kaykorobey , welcome to Blockelite today

Alex – CTO of DeHive: Hey, nice to meet you all

Yuno – Blockelite Host: nice too meet you too 🙂
How are you today?

Alex – CTO of DeHive: Im completely ok, thanks!
And you?

Yuno – Blockelite Host: yeah, i’m good today
On to the Segment 1 of our AMA, we hope you’re ready for the next few questions coming at you!
Our guest is ready, we will enter Segment 1 right now !!!
Q1: We know that the DeHive team is not anonymous, so can you tell us more about members?

Alex – CTO of DeHive: Sure
DeHive is developed and maintained by Blaize team of blockchain gurus. Blaize is a Ukrainian based software company, with an emphasis on blockchain

We have been almost 5 years on the market, so we have a lot of experience and survived a few market downfalls already 🙂

Yuno – Blockelite Host: Can you briefly introduce yourself ?

Alex – CTO of DeHive: Sure, Im a current CTO and Co-Founder of Blaize, and CTO of Dehive. I have experience developing on 12 different blockchains and 4+ years of Blockchain development

Yuno – Blockelite Host: Thank you, for your introduction, our pleasure to have you join us today
Next question
Q2: DeHive provides a first-to-market decentralized crypto index protocol. The concept of index is pretty similar to portfolio management, isnt it?

Alex – CTO of DeHive: Yeah, sure. I know this may occur
Well, from on point of view yes – you can see DeHive Index as tool for smart portfolio management. In addition, this helps you to diversify your funds and therefore secure them

In contracts for the portfolio management protocols, DeHive gives the opportunity to stake the index (set of underlyings) and get the yield

our unique strategy will help to get the maximized yield out of the current market offerins since we collaborate with a few yield farming protocols and aggrerators like 1Inch for instance

Yuno – Blockelite Host: Thank you
Next question
Q3: Maintaining projects and long-term development are important for the project. How do you accomplish that goal and what is your business model? How do users, investors, and your project become a win-win situation?

Alex – CTO of DeHive: For sure there won’t be a problem with platform maintenance as far as the best blockchain team is on board 🙂 I am fully agree with you and we are aware of this with my colegues

Our community is quite big, we have reached 10K on Twitter recently and continue to grow. I think this is a good sign that the project is interesting and needed and has a lot of potential on the current market

As far as the team behind DeHive contains very experienced devs, we know that in this field we can be static just with one idea and have to develop and implement new features on the regular basis, what we actually do even before launch

we listen to the community and adjust to their needs

That is why as one of the examples, now we are working on enable the 2-level solution on our platform as far as we got a lot of request regarding this. So expect the announcement soon 🙂

Yuno – Blockelite Host: like, and please join: @DeHive_chat to update more information
And where we can trade $DHV now ?

Alex – CTO of DeHive: can I share the link with the list here now?

Yuno – Blockelite Host: yes, please

Alex – CTO of DeHive:
📣 Bees! We are extremely excited that one of the most respected CEXes, ⚡️ProBit⚡️ has listed $DHV recently 🐝

Now you can 💸BUY $DHV on ProBit
DHV-USDT🐝 trading pair ➡️

Don’t forget to check the alternative trading opportunities🔥📈⤵️

💸BUY on Uniswap
ETH/ DHV🐝 trading pair ➡️

💸BUY on Gate
ETH/ DHV 🐝 trading pair ➡️
USDT/DHV 🐝 trading pair ➡️

💸BUY on Bilaxy
ETH/ DHV 🐝 trading pair ➡️

💸BUY on 1Inch
WETH/DHV🐝 trading pair ➡️

💸BUY on Matcha
USDT/DHV🐝 trading pair ➡️

Be aware of scams, those are the only official DHV training pairs💯❗️

here is comprehensive list of the trading pairs on all exchanges where $DHV is listed

Yuno – Blockelite Host: Thanks for sharing 🙂 everyone want to trade $DHV , you can check it here
Continue with Q4
Q4: Can you share some of the notable partners DeHive has? And what can we expect from that partnerships?

Alex – CTO of DeHive: Yes, surely
We have recently announced one of the “big partnerships” on our way – meaning AnySwap
Thanks to this partnership we will get access to a list of the most used blockchain and their ecosystems

This helps us to enable cross-chain DHV token transfers and DHV listing onn the major exchanges over different blockchains

We will also integrate the 1Inch technology to provide the most efficient trading paths and aggregates token prices from multiple exchanges, allowing users to see the lowest prices for a chosen cryptocurrency

you can check more about this in our blog:

Yuno – Blockelite Host: Thanks, last question in segment
Q5: What milestones have DeHive achieved and what is the next roadmap for 2021?

Alex – CTO of DeHive: We have done a lot, yet there is still more to come. As our main milestone for the next 3 monthes is DeHive v1 release, and I can say we are pretty successfull with it because the Alpha demo was presented in May, and public launch is planned for July

As for now, the core fuctionality has been developed and now is taken through the testing and optimisation phases

Our cross-chain plans are also getting bigger and we are actively working on the bridge integration and new partnerships

Yuno – Blockelite Host: nice, I will wait for it
We wrapped up nicely the first part
Are you ready for Segment 2 (5 best questions from twitter)?

Alex – CTO of DeHive: Yeah

Yuno – Blockelite Host: Our guest is ready, we will start Segment 2 right now !!!
Q1: Big problem for a lot of DeFi projects seems to be that when farming starts, the price go down because people unload to put liquidity into the farm. Will there be an incentive to hold and not just farm and dump?and Are you prepared for this bear market?

Alex – CTO of DeHive: Ok, our strategy is to provide your portfolio growth by utilizing the locked funds for the farming on the protocols, and DeHive native token serves for additional incentive here. Also, it has utility on the platform including staking activities, so users need to stack and lock DHV to have the higher profits

Stake $DHV to earn more 🙂

And yes, we are prepared for the bear market as well as for bull one 🙂 We have a team of DeFi analytics which is constantly researching the DeFi market and provides a bunch of insides every week, so we are moving across the global crypto trends

Yuno – Blockelite Host: you are ready for the worst case :))
Next question
Q2: As an early adopter of Dehive, I’d love to know a little more about the benefits of being a token-holder. Can you elaborate on where the token itself fits into the Dehive Ecosystem & why investors should HODL?

Alex – CTO of DeHive: Good question. DHV is our native token that we wanted to be used within the ecosystem, not just to sell it off during public sale

That is why we foreseen a few very important interactions within the protocol where DHV plays a major role

DHV is a needed for initial index staking, protocol support during Index redemption, liquidity mining

We have actually released an article which answer to your question and tell why HODL DHV

there is a loink to it

Yuno – Blockelite Host: Nice
next question
Q3: I understand that to control fluctuation they will use an index containing tokens in proportion determined by sound economic equations, but will that only control volatility? Or will it keep the value of the tokens in a constant trend without being affected by the market?

Alex – CTO of DeHive: As I already mentioned, our team of analytics is constantly working on market and ecosystem analysis and metrics, so Index (portfolio) rebalancing is a matter of smart prediction

The volatility of assets itself is reduced by the structure of Index the correctness of selection of underlyings

Yuno – Blockelite Host: next question
Q4: How will Dehive manage the oracles? Will you build partnerships with existing oracles, or do you prever to use an inbuilt oracles? How will Dehive ensure the data accuracy?

Alex – CTO of DeHive: Yes, safe Oracles will be a part of our system, so we take the choice very thoroughly. We are considering several options

First of all we think about Chainlink and actually we had a feedback from them

So it is our first option. Nevertheless we are thinking about our own solution as an alternative option.

Yuno – Blockelite Host: Ok, last question of this segment, everyone please prepare good questions for segment 3
Q5: From your own perspective, what are the main reasons why it is more beneficial to buy a DeHive Index instead of holding separate cryptos?

Alex – CTO of DeHive: First of all, DeHive provides a truly decentralized solution with no automatic rebalancing which is a unique concept that market hasnot seen yet. This allows as to ensure the profitable portfolio growth

Holding an index that represent a bunch of top DeFi tokens helps to create a smart asset management and secure them at the same time

As the key feature we also see our own unique yield farming strategy that helps to get the maximized profit out of the current offerings, thus you secure, manage and earn just with one index. Simple and profitble at the same time

Yuno – Blockelite Host: You are awesome, thanks for answer all 5 best questions from twitter of my community.
Last Segment for AMA today, The guests will select 5 best questions from the community.

Blockelite Community:
How is the security of users within your project guaranteed and not compromised? And how secure is your project from any kind of attacks?

Alex – CTO of DeHive: Security must be the top priority for all DEFi project and is the top priority for our team as well. As you already know, DeHIve is developed and maintained by Blaize – the team of blockchain devs with experience in the field. Blaize has its own in-house team of smart contract and blockchain auditors that conducts security audits for our clients. Therefore, working together with such a team, I can say “we detect vulnerabilities before they even occur.

However, even the best blockchain developer and/or auditor will not neglect the double check. That is why DeHive has made a strategic partnership with Zokyo. Zokyo’s security team will take care of the DeHive platform’s general protection from malicious actions and attack resistance improvement so that we can ensure the highest level of security for users’ assets

Blockelite Community:
DeHive has the good Dev team who assures speedy developments of different functionaies on DeHive ecosystem. I’d like to know more about your team. Were there any significant challenges that your team encountered in the past?

Alex – CTO of DeHive: Blaize is blockchain development company with DeFi engineers and analytics on board, there a lot of cases on our website please check it out. Btw, recenly DeHive was reinforced by new core team members, COO and CMO, you can check it in the blog.

Blockelite Community:
Why you build your token on Ethereum blockchain? As we all know Ethereum has scalability issues? Any plan to move on other blockchain or mainnet??

Alex – CTO of DeHive: Yes, we are aware of all those inconveniences users might experience in terms of using Ethereum for DeFi.
Answering the first one, Ethereum now hosts a huge ecosystem of existing DeFis which is very nice in terms of future integration. In addition, Ethereum is a good start point in order to achieve maximum adoption and volume at the beginning. In terms of gas fees, yeap they are high.
Yet, as I said before, we know how to build blockchains and have dealt with a number of DeFis projects so gas fee optimization is achievable goal for us. We have recently partnered with AnySwap and now work on the integrating 2-level solution, so stay tuned

Blockelite Community:
Most newer DeFi platforms are DeHive a copy paste of the existing ones. So, what things does DeHive works offer that no any other DeFi platform offers?

Alex – CTO of DeHive: Good question. This is a very accurate issue since a lot of solitions come to the market literally every day. DeHive has its own team od DeFi researchers and analytics that is actually a huge asset to muy mind. This helps us to keep on track and get to the real users’ needs.
DeHive will enable its own unique strategies and technologies for yield farming, so users will get the maximized yield from the current protocols and aggregators

Blockelite Community:
Could you tell me more about DeHive’s recent partnership with Apyswap ? How it is going and benefit for both project ?

Alex – CTO of DeHive: DeHive will use AnySwap technology to operate on multiple blockchains including Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Avalanche, xDAI, Fantom, Polygon, etc. Such integration will enable DHV and DeHive Index tokens’ transfer across multiple blockchains supported by AnySwap

Yuno – Blockelite Host: Thank you for joining today AMA! It was awesome!
Our AMA session is now over !!!