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Blockelite X disBalancer AMA Recap

Thank you to everyone who joined AMA Blockelite x disBalancer on 5th April at 03:00 PM UTC I 10:00 PM (UTC+7). Here is the recap for those who missed this AMA.

Our special guest today is Mr. Ddos – CMO of disBalancer

Segment 1: Introduction about disBalancer and Mr. Ddos – CMO of disBalancer

Q1: Can you briefly introduce yourself as well as the disBalancer?

Mr. Ddos – CMO of disBalancer: My name is Mr DDOS and I’m a CMO at disBalancer.

I know that many of you have seen sites crash due to heavy load or malicious DDOS attack. Both users and businesses suffer from this.

disBalancer is here to provide the solution.

disBalancer is a decentralized network that protects companies against DDoS attacks while enabling users to earn DDOS tokens by renting out their free computing power and bandwidth to the network.

Anyone owning a computer or smartphone can run the disBalancer peer client in the background of their device, renting out their unused bandwidth and storage, and earning disBalancer tokens (DDOS) as an incentive reward. Large pools with thousands of these device nodes can then work together to handle requests to validate website connections and block malicious activity.

Q2: What is the difference between disBalancer and other anti-DDoS tools? What makes disBalancer special?

Mr. Ddos – CMO of disBalancer: Currently most of systems like Cloudflare are centralized. With the rapid growth of web infrastrucute, and the growing popularity of DDOS attacks, such companies have to spend a lot of money to maintain and expand infrastructure. Our solution creates opportunities for all people who can become part of an ecosystem that can expand indefinitely, without the constant high cost of maintaining it, and with the opportunity to earn for each participant.

DisBalancer is the decenralized solution. People can earn DDOS tokens while protecting businesses from malicious actors. It’s win win both for users and business. And it has no limits for the growth

Q3: Please explain how disBalancer works? What role do DDOS tokens play in the disBalancer ecosystem?

Mr. Ddos – CMO of disBalancer: DisBalancer is an innovative solution that makes websites resistant to DDoS attacks. The product combines the power of Main Nodes managed by disBalancer and the rent out resources of users’ (farmers) devices in a decentralized network of nodes so that the traffic generated by attackers is distributed across the network. The users (farmers) get tokens in exchange for their rent out resources while websites get protection from DDoS attacks.

DDOS token is the utility token used for operations in the disBalancer ecosystem. The main role of the DDOS token is to enable the value transition within the ecosystem.

At disBalancer, there are 3 main parties involved in the tokenomics:

Companies striving to protect their resources
DisBalancer is the distributed DDOS protection network. In order to protect their web resources with the disBalancer network, companies are staking DDoS tokens on the main node.

People use free computing resources to earn DDOS tokens
Any person is eligible to earn DDOS tokens by contributing to the global DDOS protection network. All they need to do is to add free computing power from their personal computer or even mobile device. When the traffic comes through their device, the DDOS tokens are transferred from the Company’s staking account to the users’ wallets. In this case, any person can earn DDOS tokens by protecting businesses from malicious actors.

Main node holders get a fee for traffic detection and load balancing in DDOS tokens
The Main node holders get a fee from all user nodes’ earnings in the region. Tokens are also credited from the companies’ staking contracts. Part of the fees in DDOS tokens will be burned!

Blockelite Host: People only earn DDOS tokens by protecting businesses?

Mr. Ddos – CMO of disBalancer: Yes, nodes holders earn DDOS tokens when the traffic comes through their device

So they are using their free computing power to protect websites

this is win win both for users and businesses

and companies in order to protect their web resources stake DDOS tokens

Only when the malicious traffics goest through the nodes (user’s devices) the DDOS tokens are transfered from the companies’ staking account to users

Q4: What is your market strategy to attract companies and users to join the disBalancer platform?

Mr. Ddos – CMO of disBalancer: In order for companies to be interested, we first need to grow the network of user nodes

fortunately Hacken with its huge community helps us with this

When the network of nodes is sufficient for full operation, I believe that companies will quickly understand the value of the disBalancer.

We are also thinking about possible partnerships with future IDOs

this would be a good advertisement and a great testing ground for our service, because on IDO the majority of sites do not sustain loading.

We will have some major partnership announcement soon.

But I can not share details yet )

Blockelite Host: How do you think about developing a strong community?

Mr. Ddos – CMO of disBalancer: Our community is rapidly growing

we reached almost 10k in few days

we are a part of the Hacken Foundation

And Hacken helps us a lot with the partnerships, influencers and many other marketing activities

we also have some dedicated marketing team working in different regions

so definately our community is becoming stronger every day

It was great to be able to learn about the project in our community today

Q5: disBalancer just started DDOS sale with HAI round, can you share some information about it? What are the conditions for participation? And what is the next roadmap for 2021?

Mr. Ddos – CMO of disBalancer: We are very impressed with how the HAI round goes. We were very surprised when in 2.5 minutes the Hard Cap was already raised.

It is very motivating, because we see that people are interested in the project.

At the time more than 16 million HAI tokens are collected. It is almost 10x oversubscribed. And it is still going!

Anyone can still take part, this requires:

1) Buy HAI tokens on one of the exchanges (Gate, OceanEx, Bitrue)

2) Send them to the HackenAi app, or any other Vechain wallet

3) Send them from your wallet to the address posted on the site (minimum 5K HAI, max 500k )

4) Wait for the end of the round

5) At the end of the DDOS round, the tokens will be credited to the same address in the Etherium network.

6) Oversubscribed HAI will be returned to HAI holders proportionally after the end of sale

Product development and the community growth is the key for 2021!

Segment 2: Twitter questions

Q1: How do plan to spread awareness about your project in different countries where English is not spoken well? Do you have local communities for them to let them better understand about your project?

Mr. Ddos – CMO of disBalancer: So we are now working to expand the community in different countries, at the moment we already have the Korean community in the telegram. And it is growing fast.

we also have some dedicated marketing teams working in different regions.

Hacken helps us a lot!

It has really huge community and network of influencers to spread the word about us.

We are also working a lot on growing the Asian community. It’s our plan for this year

and hope project will have Vietnamese community in the near future :))

definately, we are working on it ) disBalancer community is growing really fast

Q2: What do you think the role of community in disBalancer ecosystem? What’s your plans to keep build positive community and what do you expect support from cryptonation community?

Mr. Ddos – CMO of disBalancer: The role of the community is very important, because without the community the DisBlanacera ecosystem will not be able to work.

The entire product is built on the basis of the interaction of businesses, with users (who provide their computing resources). In other words – the product will completely depend on the community that we want to develop on all continents, absolutely in different parts of the world.

and we are making success in this. Our community is growing fast and is becoming stronger every day

Q3: DEFI is growing too fast and the likelihood of it being interrupted is very high. What do you think about this and can you be sure that your project product will be in demand in the long term? disBalancer are there any plans to contribute to DeFi’s development?

Mr. Ddos – CMO of disBalancer: Of course, we want to make our contribution to the development of DeFi. Because we are a part of it !

Decentralization is now, as one of the pillars on which the huge share of everything that surrounds us in the field of security is based.

Definitely we can not state that something could be in demand in the long term. But we actually know that we are building a product for ages!

DDOS protection will be always in demand.

and the decentralization is the future

And we are creating the decenteralized system for the DDOS protection.

We believe that it will be highly in demand in long term.

We also need some time for the community growth and the network expand, but when we star operating, the system will be in demand.

Q4: Now a lot of Many fake defi projects promising insanely high APR, but ended up pull liquidity or minting, how does your project respond to this case ? Explain the reasons why we should invest in your project because we know you’re a team without a name?

Mr. Ddos – CMO of disBalancer: We are a experinced team supported by a global cybersecurity company – Hacken. Our goal is to create a product for the future, and the opportunities are higher than ever. because now we have been taken into care and we must make a best product.

disBalancer is the fundamental product

And it’s something new on the market

We are supported by the global leaders

We also have many tech and business advisors provided by Hacken Team

disBalancer is a part of the Hacken Foundation, and we know what we are doing. DDOS token has its mission. It is not useless token as many others

DDOS enable the value transition within the disBalancer ecosystem. As the demand for DDOS protection is growing we will grow along with it

You know that the global DDOS protection market will double till 2024. This is a huge room for us to take the significant part of the market

Q5: From where you get the project name? What does it means to you? And why you choose this name for your project? What is your mission and vision to built this project? What you want to achieve Through disbalancer in future?

Mr. Ddos – CMO of disBalancer: now there are a bunch of LoadBalancer services on the market that work on the same principle

and since we are the opposite of them, the name disBalancer was chosen

Our mission is to create a universal solution that will solve the problem of DDOS attacks. Decentralized and with no growth limits

We want not only protect businesses form malicious actors

but also give users ability to earn money while protecting them

Currently companies like Cloudflare makes billions of USD revenues

and all this revenues are centralized in few companies

but we know that any of us have some devices and have some free computing power

so why not to make the free computing power work for you and generate revenue!

This is our vision. To give this opportunity

to give the opportunity to any of you to earn money while protecting businesses! It’s huge revenue stream, and we want our community take a share of it

Segment 3: Live questions

Can you list 1-3 killer features of Your Project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your platform has that you feel most confident about?

Mr. Ddos – CMO of disBalancer: The main competitive advantage is the decentralization. We are not limited with our infrastrucutre. We are growing along with our community. And we give the opportunity to them to earn DDOS tokens.

How will disBalancer generate profits / income to sustain and what is the revenue model? How will it benefit disBalancer and your investors?

Mr. Ddos – CMO of disBalancer: Good one! So the most important thing is that it fully operates on the DDOS tokens.
Companies who want to protect their web resources are staking DDOS tokens while People use free computing resources to earn DDOS
When the traffic comes through their device, the DDOS tokens are transferred from the Company’s staking account to the users’ wallets

and part of this tokens is paid as Fee both for Main Nodes holders and disBalancer team. Also some part of tokens will be burned every time the payout is completed

So in our tokenomics both Users, Companies and disBalancer are benefiting

Your project looks good but it confuses me that there are so many other good Blockchain project. Why should I pay attention in Your project to give it the importance it deserves? What are your planning to achieve with your project?

Mr. Ddos – CMO of disBalancer: We are a part of Hacken Foundation
and it is growing much. In this world the word Hacken means a lot. So we are supported by the best cybersecurity company on the market.
with all our resources and the power of Hacken we strongly believe we can achive the success.

What problems you guys trying to solve to make it easier for Crypto users? Please let us know how evolving the roadmap is right now. What will happen this year and in the future?

Mr. Ddos – CMO of disBalancer: We are creating a system where not only crypto users can work on

disBalancer is a global mass adoption platform. It enables users to earn money by providing free computing power. So it may become a huge crypto adoption platform.

Most DeFi projects especially those ones offering yield farming are driven up by hype and scarcity, so when the hype dies the project dies. What’s the key to sustaining Your Project yield farming ?

Mr. Ddos – CMO of disBalancer: DDOS protection is the ongoing process. It is not about Hype, it is about the sustainable business model. disBalancer operates on the huge DDOS protection market. And it is growing fast.
Farming will be availabe right after the IDO. It requires staking some HAI tokens.

So in order to farm DDOS tokens you need to buy some HAI tokens and stake on the official HackenAI App

The Farming will be available for 3 years. And the more companies joins the disBalancer ecosystem the higher yield will be. disBalancer is the reals project solving the real problem of businesses. It has the sustainable business model. That’s why people who farm tokens will benefit a lot

So right after the HAI round and well as disBalancer IDO the farming will become available