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Blockelite X Fightcoin AMA Recap

Thank you to everyone who joined AMA Blockelite x Fightcoin on 31st May at 03:00 PM UTC I 10:00 PM (UTC+7). Here is the recap for those who missed this AMA.

Our special guest today is William Fagan – CEO of Fightcoin

Segment 1: Introduction about Fightcoin and William Fagan – CEO of Fightcoin

Q1: Can you briefly introduce yourself as well as Fightcoin ?

William Fagan – CEO of Fightcoin: Sure, I’m William Fagan and I’m the CEO of FightCoin.

I have built multiple national MMA brands in Australia, as a fight promoter for the last 12 years. I also directed and helped build the national amateur MMA federation attending the IMMAF world championships, partnered with UFC, multiple times. I have also run multiple registered charitable organisations.

Now I am 100% FightCoin and our FightFund.

I’ll explain those two things….there is a 5% token redistribution (fee on buy and sells) that goes to FightFund, a fast and effective global, charitable organisation. We are already working with charities and sporting federations globally through FightFund. We are already helping refugee children do martial arts through “Sports For Everyone” and already partnered with WAKO Oceania, a continental kickboxing association AND we already pay for street kids in Melbourne to train MMA…..and we are only just beginning.

Also, 1% is redistributed to holders, 1% to liquidity and 1% to dev / marketing.

FightCoin itself is powering an incredible ecosystem that represents all the functional products within crypto that are engaged with by the crypto community.

A fight fan or martial artist wants to play a game? Great. FightGame (we are making a game studio). Want to bet on fight sports? Great. Fightbet. Want to Farm? Great! FightFarm. Want to trade crypto? Great! FightSwap. Want to watch fights? Great! FightStream. ETC

Blockelite Host: The project has everything: Fightgame, fightfund, fightswap, fightfarm, ….

Also a charity fund 🙂

William Fagan – CEO of Fightcoin: It’s a big one that’s for sure.

We wanted to cover everything in crypto that is cool. Everything the world of combat sports might want to use.

Blockelite Host: That’s why you created Fightcoin, right?

William Fagan – CEO of Fightcoin: Yeah. It was really a combination of what I love out there in the big wide world….

Martial arts / combat sports + CRYPTO + Charity (HELPING THOSE WHO NEED IT MOST)

If you mix those three things, you have FightCoin.

Q2: FightCoin ecosystem has many products as FightFund, FightGame, FightDao, FightSwap, FightFarm,… Can you tell us what are the main advantages of your products? In contrast, what is your weakness? How will you overcome it?

William Fagan – CEO of Fightcoin: Great question….

Two of our main advantages are FightFund and the connection of a near-comprehensive range of crypto products with an engaged and motivated real world network. By bringing combat sports federations and leaders together in support of FightFund, we are delivering on the most important thing, the “Why”.

“WHY” do we do what we do? “WHY” should anyone care?

It is not WHAT we do that matters so much, it is WHY we do it. It is WHY we do whatever we do, that matters most.

Our weaknesses….well, if you see any, let me know. We try to identify weaknesses as much as possible so that we can improve upon them and overcome them.

Q3: How can people join FightCoin token sale? Please explain more about FightCoin token and values?

William Fagan – CEO of Fightcoin: Well, people can apply for a very limited, SMALL allowance to participate in Round 3. Demand is HIGH, supply is LOW.

Best thing is to be part of our community and be prepared for our launchpad event. We will be putting Round 4 and Round 5 on a launchpad soon.

Round 4 will be $0.005usd and Round 5 will be $0.01usd

The small allocation in Round 3 is $0.003usd

Blockelite Host: Have seed or private sales before?

William Fagan – CEO of Fightcoin: Yep. We finished off Round 1 before it even came online. Round 2 went quick and Round 3 still has space that is MOSTLY reserved for athletes and influencers coming in over the next week or so. So SMALL allocation is available for members of the public, just to make it more universal / inclusive.

Blockelite Host: Oh nice, Who are partners with the current project?

William Fagan – CEO of Fightcoin: cant yet announce a HUGE partnership that we are going to announce in the next week or so.

Right now we are partnered with WAKO Oceania (continental kickboxing federation), Sports For Everybody (building the sport of kickboxing in Palestine), the Palestinian kickboxing federation (again, we are funding their national team / national championships) and Street Peace, a brilliant little charity in Melbourne helping at-risk youth.

We are developing multiple partnerships in the background, but i cant mention them yet.

Blockelite Host: What role do they play in the Fightcoin ecosystem?

William Fagan – CEO of Fightcoin: These partenrships are all part of FightFund. Which this year plans to partner with no less than 50 national and international sporting federations, charities, not for profits and other organisations that help us acheive our mission.

Blockelite Host: What are the benefits of holders in fightcoin?

William Fagan – CEO of Fightcoin: Holding Fightcoin receives a 1% redistribution. So passive increase in the holdings of FightCoin…..but FightCoin is primarily a utility token. it will be used across our ecosystem…from buying NFT’s for our games to tipping fighters live, while you watch them through FightStream….

Q4: What is the market strategy of Fightcoin to get mass adoption by millions of users or investors outside the crypto space?

William Fagan – CEO of Fightcoin: Most of our token holders are influencers and athletes. These people know the long term vision and have extensive reach. This equates to FightCoin itself having reach in the hundreds of millions. FightCoin is the people that hold it.

Beyond that we have an ecosystem that has MANY strong marketable propositions as well as various strong areas for high engagement.

We are building a community that will support this incredible system and have a core marketing team with decades of high-end corporate marketing experience and experience in the entertainment industry.

popular people + popular products + professional marketing + a community that supports it = intergalactic

Blockelite Host: How much people are on your team right now?

William Fagan – CEO of Fightcoin: Core team = 3 + their teams = 20 +
community team = 15 or so

Q5: What milestones have Fightcoin achieved and what is the next roadmap for 2021?

William Fagan – CEO of Fightcoin: We are only in the first half of token sale so milestones are minimal….

however, we have partnered with a continental sporting federation (WAKO Oceania) and thanks to FightFund and our support of “Sports For Everybody”, Palestinian people from within Lebanese refugee camps, will have a FULL TEAM going to the GAMMA Asian Kickboxing Championship in October. We are also supporting their national championship in July.. Plus a lot more work there, we are helping some incredible work to build sports in the nation of displaced and disadvantaged people.

I can’t give too much away in regards to our timeline…..i want to work with marketing for some big reveals….but…..

  • We are in token sale now, will do the next two rounds on a launchpad.
  • Our token is currently undergoing it’s audit with EnterSoft.
  • we expect to go to market in approx 4 weeks.
  • We are launching V2 of our website soon.
  • In two weeks we will announce a partnership with one of the biggest players in crypto to perform a world first in October. Again, details will be announced in 2 weeks.
  • we are launching a browser based, turn based, NFT fight game in approximately 8 weeks.
  • We are planning to be in playable beta of our eSports grade, cross-platform, 2d fighter in 6 months time.

Much more to come.

Segment 2: Twitter questions

Q1: Many projects fail because they do not understand their target audience and their customer. And so I want to ask: Who is the most ideal customer for your product?

William Fagan – CEO of Fightcoin: Fight fans who love crypto

The fact is we are open to everyone, we will educate people and are welcoming of anyone….but when you talk of most ideal customer….our core customers…well anyone who likes any form of combat sports or martial arts and understands crypto is going to understand this intuitively and be very invested in our vision…. It doesn’t hurt if they want to make the world better for millions of disadvantaged people either.

Q2: FightCoin is global project or local project? At present, which market are you focus on, or is it focused on building and growing to gain customers, users and partners?

William Fagan – CEO of Fightcoin: We are a very global organisation. We are NOT primarily targeting one region over another. Crypto really is a realm without borders and it’s important to respect that.

We need to be able to care for and engage with different regions, cultures, languages…while understanding that this space is borderless… we aren’t focusing our marketing on any single region, our focus, if anything goes to supporting the individual needs of different regions on a global scale / global scope.

Blockelite Host: hope Fightcoin will develop local communities in the near future 🙂

William Fagan – CEO of Fightcoin: absolutely. as our community grows we are starting multi-language groups on TG to support communities that dont speak english as their native tongue.

Q3: Some projects have 10% dev share to finance their projects for long run, how does FightCoin plan on getting income to keep the project up and running?

William Fagan – CEO of Fightcoin: We also agave a 10% team wallet, as well as a 1% token redistribution (fee) which will fund us longterm.

However, we also have multiple high revenue potential products in our ecosystem, so we dont need to dip into our tokens so much when it comes to funding.

Q4: FightFund charges a 5% fee for each buy or sell order. This is not a very high fee considering the fee problems that networks like ETH have? What is the purpose of this 5%? Will it be distributed to holders or will it be burned so that their token increases in value over time?

William Fagan – CEO of Fightcoin: This 5% fund FightFund. We also have a 1% redistribution to holders, 1% to liquidity and 1% to team…..these figures are open to change once we are large market cap and only under vote from the DAO.

Q5: You have allocated a quota of token to celebrities and athletes, can you talk about this point as it contributes to the further expansion of the fightcoin ecosystem

William Fagan – CEO of Fightcoin: Sure. Athletes and influencers bought tokens just like everyone else. These are people just like everyone else, who love the project and want to support the incredible work of FightFund. They just happen to have a huge reach, they have many supporters, which directly supports FightFund and the ecosystem.

Their presence makes us all stronger.

Segment 3: Live questions

Q1. As an investor, the recent upsurge in rug pulls & other scam related activities has seriously lowered my confidence of investing because i don’t wanna loose my hard earned money. How do you intend to restore confidence level of investors? How can we trust you?

William Fagan – CEO of Fightcoin: We are transparent. Our network is global and half of us have public profiles.

Our work is already building huge trust in our community. Next month we are helping host the nation of palestines national kickboxing titles…..that is just ONE thing of many that provide proof / legitimacy.

We are NEVER leaving.

We are going to change the world and we have already begun doing that.

Q2. What are some of your goals/targets that you want to achieve in this ongoing year?

William Fagan – CEO of Fightcoin: Partner with 50 + charitable organisations and international sporting federations.

All areas of our ecosystem to be fully functional.

eSports ready, low latency, 2D fighter to be in full release and tracking to shake up the global eSports fight game scene.

Q3. What is the competitive advantage of your project? Can you point out the strengths of your project that other projects do not have to attract investors?

William Fagan – CEO of Fightcoin: We brought the world of combat sports to crypto.

In doing so we are bringing crypto to the world of combat sports.

This is going to be one hell of a party.

Q4. Projects that are not traded on major exchanges remain unnoticed. What does you think about listing the token on the leading exchanges?

William Fagan – CEO of Fightcoin: We want to be on BINANCE as soon as possible.

Q5. Has your project thought about some partnerships and collaborations with other projects within the ecosystem in order to make alliances and increase the community?

William Fagan – CEO of Fightcoin: Yes. We are going to announce a partnership with one of the biggest in the coming weeks.