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Blockelite x Firestarter NFT AMA Recap

Thank you to everyone who joined AMA Blockelite x Firestarter NFT on 14th December at 3 PM UTC I 10 PM UTC+7. Here is the recap for those who missed this AMA.

Our special guest today is RJ – CEO of Firestarter NFT, Yupi Dk – Co-Founder of Firestarter NFT, SonGokuBg – Dev of Firestarter NFT

Segment 1: Introduction about Firestarter NFT and RJ – CEO of Firestarter NFT, Yupi Dk – Co-Founder of Firestarter NFT, SonGokuBg – Dev of Firestarter NFT

Q1: Can you briefly introduce yourself as well as Firestarter NFT?

SonGokuBg – Dev of Firestarter NFT: I am a solidity developer and Co-Founder of FirestarterNFT I am building the smart contracts and I like to do them as decentralized as possible

RJ – CEO of Firestarter NFT: Well, am RJ, am a blockchian/crypto entrepreneur. Our Co Founder is Yupi Dk & SonGokuBg. And we are Firestarter NfT.

Yupi Dk – Co-Founder of Firestarter NFT: I’m Carmelo, been in the crypto world for few years, most of the time as a investor, big fan of NTFs

RJ – CEO of Firestarter NFT: Firestarter NfT is building worlds 1st NfT use case in a dapp. Where stars can engage with their fans through NfT campaigns

Blockelite Host: Why do you know crypto and when?

Yupi Dk – Co-Founder of Firestarter NFT: I’ve been in this space for 2years now, was curious about bitcoin and everything behind it

SonGokuBg – Dev of Firestarter NFT: I am in the space since 2019
I think I saw facebook ad of a ethereum game

RJ – CEO of Firestarter NFT: Been in the space for over 5 years now, as an investor and entrepreneur. We also represent the largest blockchain community in our country. I got in to crypto in 2015, after ethereum launch, didn’t think much of it but really liked the concept behind it. Witnessed the 2017 bull run and burned myself few times 🙂 And we kept going. And here we are today

Q2: “Firestarter NFT is building world’s 1st NFT use case. Connecting stars with fans..”. What features and solutions will be provided by Firestarter NFT to accomplish that goal?

RJ – CEO of Firestarter NFT: Well, first is we wanted the app to be fully decentralized. And having a decentralized NfT environment is not easy when everyone is working on identifying use cases. So we decided to provide NfT solutions for stars where they can auction/sell autographed NfTs to their fans and promote upcoming events and releases. There will be swap/trade, buy, sell option with in the app and users will be introduced to a gamified approach to increase the value and rarity of their NfT investment.

NBA stars, Footballer, Musicians, Artist, Movie Stars etc etc

Q3: $Fire is the governance token of Firestarter NFT. What can I do with the $Fire token? What are the benefits of holding the $Fire token in the long term?

RJ – CEO of Firestarter NFT: We have introduced quite a few benefits for holding $Fire token this month. $Fire staking is already live where users can stake $Fire and earn upto 3,000% Apy. There is a reward pool only for the month of december of 14,700 $FireX tokens on staking your $Fire.

Presales and Holders of $Fire tokens till the big burn on 25th will also be getting 10x FireX tokens airdroped for holding $Fire.

Our staking framework is yielding crazy apy atm.

Blockelite Host: Dec 25th?

RJ – CEO of Firestarter NFT: Yes, we have an NfT vault where we have locked 1,500 $Fire tokens and we are going to BURN them all on 25th December as a Christmas gift to make $Fire more scarce.

Q4: What is the market strategy of Firestarter NFT to get mass adoption by millions of users or investors outside the crypto space?

RJ – CEO of Firestarter NFT: First please allow me to explain our concept of STARS. We believe everyone is a star and carries tremendous talent. Given an opportunity they can conquer the stars!! So as our market strategy we are in conversation with few influencers, musicians and famous personalities who see the long term benefit of Firestarter NfT in creating a NfT economy for this niche segment.

Our dapp will be released in Q2 next year. In Jan 2021, we will be releasing our new updated roadmap along with dapp white paper. FireXGen Utility Token will also be launched next month.

Blockelite Host: Yeah, you can contact with famous person
And how can I buy this NFT of my idol if i don’t know crypto?

RJ – CEO of Firestarter NFT: This is why we have to involve famous personalities to join our platform. In traditional markets, audience is likely to follow their idols to places and this is what we are going to do. There will be NfT tutorials within the app and we are keeping a clear direction on having the UX/UI as simple as possible for everyone to use.

Q5: How does the Firestarter NFT guarantee the security of user funds? What are the measures of any risk control?

RJ – CEO of Firestarter NFT: Since we are going to be fully decentralized and non custodial platform. Users funds will always be in their wallets in non fungible tokens. If you use Uniswap, you will have no problem in using any decentralized platform I can guarantee you this much

Segment 2: 5 best questions from Twitter

Q1: The question remains whether the narrow community/blockchain projects of interests attached to specific NFTs can generate enough liquidity to make them viable. What’s your liquidity provision plan to maintain a viable ecosystem?

RJ – CEO of Firestarter NFT: Our decentralized ecosystem will be fully reliant on transactions and usability. Their will be a nominal gas fee which will be paid through our $FireXGen utility token, you will also be able to buy, sell swap, trade through $FireXGen.

We have also kept $FireXGen tokenomics according to our roadmap, considering next 12 months marketing, development, partnerships and other budgets.

Since $Fire is going to be very scarce and valuable, $FireXGen supply will be used for quite a few activity with our ecosystem

Blockelite Host: How much $FireXGen supply?

RJ – CEO of Firestarter NFT: 100 Mil

Q2: As far As We know in this month $FIRE Staking, NFT, Competition, Prizes, The Big Burn, Partnerships all these things will take place. Please enlighten about all these things, as I am very curious about it?

RJ – CEO of Firestarter NFT: Well we have started with a very HOT december, and as per our roadmap we have delivered our staking platform without any issues so far. Our Firestarter NfT Competition starts tonight at 20 UTC, where we will be releasing 4 valuable NfTs for our community and users to buy and participate in the competition.

Basically everyone is a winner. There are 4 NfTs to buy and 4 Prizes for the buyers. 1st prize 4 Eth, 2nd 3 Eth, 3rd 2 Eth, 4th 1 Eth … So no one loses in their NfT investment.

They will have to follow certain social tasks in order to win.

More details and rules will be announced in our TG at 18:00 UTC

Blockelite Host: Big prizes
Everyone can take part in

RJ – CEO of Firestarter NFT: Yes, there is a bidding system. Anyone can bid and buy the NfT. The highest bidder owns the NfT and will have a chance to win one of the prizes

Q3: Tell us the long term vision of FireStaterNFT for its users? How does FireStater empower NFT & what new use scenarios does FireStarter provide? How will you make NFT more valuable?

RJ – CEO of Firestarter NFT: Ok, great question to understand the vision.

As a kid we all have idols and stars that we follow, how would you like to have interactions with your favorite star and you are able to have a rare collectible of them, for example autographs etc.

And that also from the comfort of your home.

Firestarter will be a house hold app for everyone to use.

Q4: Community support is an important factor in the development of a project. How do you convince the community to always faithfully support $FIRE products and its ecosystem, what programs do you offer to the community?

RJ – CEO of Firestarter NFT: We had this from the start. For Firestarter to grow as a decentralized system, it needed a community governed framework. This is why we are keeping $Fire token scarce and valuable. After the Big Burn, holders of $Fire token will be able to take part in our DAO and will be able to vote on future developments and decisions. We have been community driven from day one!

Q5: Firestarter NFT will launch 4 NFTs. Each Firestarter NFT holder must follow certain tasks, can you explain what tasks need to be completed? and how much profit is there?

RJ – CEO of Firestarter NFT: Well these will be social tasks easy to perform by anyone. More information will be released on our TG at 18:00 UTC.

Regarding the (profit), everyone is a winner. The cost to buy NfT is no more than 0.6 Eth

And their are 4 NfTs and 4 winners, everyone gets a prize and a minimum of 0.4 eth profit.

Segment 3: Live questions.

Q1: When you stake $FIRE, you obtain $FIREX tokens, so can you explain what are the differences between both tokens? Also what are the tokenomics of the $FIREX ?

RJ – CEO of Firestarter NFT: Yes, $Fire token are Governance tokens for our DAO and decision making. The supply of $Fire is 7,500 deflationary and the burning will stop on 25th december 2020. When we reach our minimum supply. Wher as $FireXGen is a utility token used for rewards, gas, trade etc.

Q2: I am an EXPERIENCED DEVELOPER AND ETHICAL HACKER, do you have plans for HACKATHON so as to check the security of your ecosytem periodically and also invite developers to build?

RJ – CEO of Firestarter NFT: Yes we have many bug bounty and hackathons in place for 2021. Any one can contribute to $firestarter ecosystem.

Smart contracts are vulnerable to bugs, and even recently three big new DeFi projects were victims of this, costing users funds. How efficient and secured is your smart contract, and did you ever audit it via any external party?

Yes correct. Hence we are audited by VIDAR.

Q3: What do you think of FirestarterNFT roles in this financial world? and What is your planning to innovating FirestarterNFT to improving?

RJ – CEO of Firestarter NFT: We believe NfTs are a paradigm shift in how we perceive ownership. Our lands, our cars, our degrees, our experiences, house hold items all can be and will be tagged to NfTs in future.

Q4: Which one of these aspects important for you?
A-Increasing Token Price&Value
B-Empowering Platform Development
C-Building Community Trust
D-Expanding Partnership Globally

RJ – CEO of Firestarter NFT: All of them are important for the growth of the project. However we would change the sequence and put development and community first.

Q5: Could you please tell me just a little more about the team and some of their backgrounds? I have personally seen many projects launch with inexperienced team members, and some of those didn’t go so well due to easily avoidable mistakes.

RJ – CEO of Firestarter NFT: The team is Doxxed. All of us are from different backgrounds and expertise. We have a core back-end dev for contracts and front-end dev for UI/UX, and we have experience in launching blockchain and defi projects

Yes, thank you so much for having us. It was a pleasure talking to you and answer this lovely community !! Don’t forget to join our TG. God Bless !!

Our AMA session is now over !!!

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