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Blockelite X Hackless AMA Recap

Thank you to everyone who joined AMA Blockelite x Hackless on 14th January at 01:00 PM UTC I 08:00 PM (UTC+7). Here is the recap for those who missed this AMA.

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Yuno – Blockelite Host: Hello fellow Eliters and welcome to another Blockelite AMA Series
So ladies and gents, Our special guest today is Serhii Androsiuk – CEO of Hackless
Hello @serhio_hackless , welcome to Blockelite

Serhii Androsiuk – CEO of Hackless: Hi Yuno, everyone! Thanks for inviting me at this AMA session

Yuno – Blockelite Host: Hello, nice too meet you here, and How are you today?
On to the Segment 1 of our AMA, we hope you’re ready for the next few questions coming at you! @serhio_hackless

Serhii Androsiuk – CEO of Hackless: Thank, I’m fine. Pretty busy with Hackless, you know:) Starting a new project always demands a 25-hours-a-day work
Sure, lets start!

Yuno – Blockelite Host: wow, amazing , working hard
Our guest is ready, we will enter Segment 1 right now !!!
Q1. Can you please introduce yourself and share a quick overview of Hackless?

Serhii Androsiuk – CEO of Hackless: Yep, why not? My name is Serhii Androsiuk, I’m the CEO and Co-founder of Hackless – a multi-service security platform for DeFi protocols.

I’ve been in crypto since 2016. Blockchain and DeFi enthusiast with 4+ years of experience in crypto growing different blockchain startups. Formerly, a legal advisor in the banking sector, with over 10 years of experience with leading banks in the industry

The Hackless platform is being designed to solve burning security issues that the entire DeFi world has been facing since the beginning. We tasked ourselves with bolstering the security of DeFi protocols by offering a comprehensive package of monitoring tools, analytics and security services. Hackless provides a complex and reliable toolkit that helps to boost a DeFi protocol’s security from hacks and malicious attacks.

There are a couple of real problems that we want to solve:
1) Almost every big protocol from EVM-based chains struggles with possible exploits and tries to maximize the security of users’ funds from the vulnerabilities that exist since Ethereum was created. As a result, DeFi protocols have to deal with new types of attacks at the infrastructure level. Furthermore, if the protocol is already under attack, there is almost nothing that can be done, except to pause all the operations. Consequently, all funds are locked and become inaccessible.

2) In most cases, it is more important to prevent an attack before it happens. To achieve this, reliable and constant monitoring of incoming transactions and advanced analysis is necessary. However, this still remains a problem, because it also requires the approach based on the infrastructure layer of Ethereum.

The main goal of Hackless platform is to help developers of DeFi protocols both to detect a potential hack attack and save funds in case a protocol is attacked. Thus the Hackless platform provides a robust security layer between the Ethereum (or the other EVM compatible blockchains in the future) infrastructure layer and DeFi protocol.

Yuno – Blockelite Host: Thank you, for your introduction, our pleasure to have you join us today
Next question
Q2. What are the advantages of Hackless with the existing security projects in the market?

Serhii Androsiuk – CEO of Hackless: First of all, DeFi security is quite a serious and complex issue. That’s why we believe that cybersecurity projects should collaborate to achieve maximum efficiency and provide the entire industry with a reliable shield.

Our team works non-stop to collaborate with other security services, provide the best possible experience to our users and build a supportive community. We have already partnered with other top DeFi projects like Peanut, HAPI Protocol, Blaize.Security

If we speak about direct competitors, currently we can name only two of them – CertiK and Lossless.
CertiK – a powerful analytical tool. They provide a comprehensive check of smart contracts to detect any vulnerabilities or bugs. They also offer the deployment of real-time smart contract monitoring and alerts. But monitoring is only a part of the security cycle.
Lossless – the DeFi hack mitigation tool for token creators. Lossless Protocol freezes fraudulent transactions based on a set of fraud identification parameters and returns stolen funds back to the owner’s account. But the thing is that Lossless works only with the new protocols. A DeFi project is required to integrate a special Lossless module, and this can be done only before the protocol is launched, upgraded or migrated to a new version.

Hackless has benefits over both competitors because we provide a full range of services for DeFi projects. First, we provide a monitoring system based on all-time updated patterns and research, with alerts and notifications. Secondly, the Hackless platform provides the safe migration of funds and works with all types of DeFi applications on EVM compatible chains. With the Hackless platform, DeFi teams can deploy multiple services to help prevent hacks and migrate funds safely from a protocol under attack

Yuno – Blockelite Host: Thank you for sharing 🙂
Next question
Q3. Can you introduce the products will have in the Hackless ecosystem?

Serhii Androsiuk – CEO of Hackless: We’re aiming at the DeFi market. And as for the platform features, we’ve got several services within the Hackless platform that have already got support from the community. Let me tell you more about each of them.

1) For starters, there is SafeMigrate — a MEV-powered solution that helps transfer funds from a protocol under attack to a safer space until network vulnerabilities are fixed.

2) Next, there is Watchdog — a monitoring service that detects any suspicious activity or potential threats and sends alerts.

3) Also, there is Conductor — a private mining service that allows the owner of the protocol to take countermeasures against the attacker that they won’t be able to detect

All these services will work as a comprehensive solution that can significantly boost the security of a protocol and save funds in case a protocol is attacked. And a special Solidity library will help us share our knowledge and experience with the general audience to make DeFi a safer industry

Also, we are working on one more service, but I would be able to share the details a bit later, as soon as its main concept is ready. I can only say that this service will be available for just simple holders of crypto- not only for protocols or DeFi projects

Yuno – Blockelite Host: Sounds great, SafeMigrate, Watchdog and Conductor
Continue with Q4
Q4. Who is the main target audience of your project? What is the cost when using your products?

Serhii Androsiuk – CEO of Hackless: First of all, our main audience is, of course, DeFi projects. As there are many assets, stored on these protocols (both project’s and their users’ assets), these DeFi protocols are under the scrutiny of hackers. But, of course, our services can be used by any crypto project.
What is more, our services will be available also for average crypto holders, who want to provide their own assets to any DeFi protocol. We will protect the provided liquidity of our users from vulnerabilities of the protocols. No matter whether the protocol itself use our services or not

Regarding costs – we are still working on this. The products are more important for now. But our services will be available for everyone. We will have a subscription-based model, and payment for our services will be in our HKLS tokens

agree, a lot of hacks on Defi in last year

Indeed! And really huge losses of money

Yuno – Blockelite Host: Next question
Q5. One of the most important thing for projects are maintaining and long-term development. How do you accomplish that goal and what is your business model?

Serhii Androsiuk – CEO of Hackless: The security problem we are solving requires continuous improvement. The blockchain industry has grown to incredible proportions over the past 5 years. New protocols, new blockchains and new vulnerabilities.

According the business model the main emphasis is on token model.
Eventually, the token HKLS will be used as an internal asset to access the platform’s core features. Here’s a short list of the token utility:

  • Subscription system for Hackless services
  • Tiers of access for different services offering more flexibility in the choice of protection
  • Private mining services
  • DAO
  • Decentralized Security Consul Stake

Yuno – Blockelite Host: Okay, last question in segment 1
Q6. What is the Hackless roadmap for 2022?

Serhii Androsiuk – CEO of Hackless: If you don’t mind, I will just share the Roadmap here
Q1 2022
Pre-sale round
Public sale round
SafeMigrate V1 release and client onboarding
Conductor V1 release
Staking development

Q2, 2022
Staking release and onboarding
SafeMigrate V2 release
DAO V1 development

Q3-Q4, 2022
DAO V1 release
Watchdog V1, Guardian V1 and Mancer V1 releases
$HKLS buy-back program launch

Expansion to other EVM-compatible chains (Polygon, BSC, Fantom, Avalanche)

Frankly speaking, I’ve just took this from our internal team chat. Hope it’s ok😅

Yuno – Blockelite Host: We wrapped up the first part.
Now we will move on to segment 2
Are you ready for Segment 2 (5 best questions from twitter)?

Serhii Androsiuk – CEO of Hackless: Yep, lets do it!

Yuno – Blockelite Host: Our guest is ready, we will start Segment 2 right now !!!
Q1: Do you at Hackless plan to expand soon to other blockchains such as BSC or Polygon? What do you need to do to expand to these other platforms?

Serhii Androsiuk – CEO of Hackless: Ethereum on start – all others EVM-compatible are in the roadmap. Will be included once the complete service will be available on Eth. But of course other blockchains are in our pipeline.
What do we need for this? Only the hard work of our R&D team

After the sale we will have enough funds to expand it, so the development will go faster:)

Yuno – Blockelite Host: Next question
Q2: Can you tell us about your team members? are they qualified and professional in their fields? what are the recruiting qualifications for team members for your extraordinary project?

Serhii Androsiuk – CEO of Hackless: Our team members are extremely experienced in blockchain development, security, smart contract development, and project growth as well, that’s why I feel extremely confident in our team.

As for me, as I have already mentioned at the beginning, I have over 4 years of experience in growing and developing blockchain startups. On top of that, I used to work as a legal advisor in the banking sector, with over 10 years of experience with leading banks in the industry.

Our CTO Pavel Radchuk has also been working in the industry for 4+ years and excelled in smart contract development and security audits, DeFi, NFT, and governance

Besides, we have several tech advisors – Anatolii Padenko, CTO at Peanut Trade, Alex Korobeinikov, CTO at Blaize and Zokyo, and Pavel Horbonos, CTO at DeHive.

All of them have extensive experience in smart contract development and security, security audits, software development, Web3 solutions development, and cybersecurity.

So our experience speaks for itself!

Yuno – Blockelite Host: Next question
Q3: Your project is very important.. IS This #hackless_io project only for elite investors, how about others with small funds, is it open to everyone?

Serhii Androsiuk – CEO of Hackless: We plan on launching a Pre-sale end of January 2022, and the Public sale (for everyone) will take place around February 2022. These are not the final dates, but we’ll make sure to announce the tokensale in advance on all our social media. Also subscribe to our waitlist on

Yuno – Blockelite Host: Continue with Q4
Q4: Could you please talk about token model?
Does it have an maximum supply? What are some of the utilities of your tokens? Tell us a little about the role of your tokens and project within the entire ecosystem

Serhii Androsiuk – CEO of Hackless:

Sure, I’d like to share a chart for token distribution – it will be more illustrative than just text and numbers

The total token supply will be 100M HKLS. All of them are pre-minted, so there will be no token inflation connected with additional minting.

About 10% will be offered for sale, and additionally 28% will be reserved for the community (tokens for DAO pool and incentivization programs). 20% of tokens will be used to build reliable partnerships with other cybersecurity projects in the blockchain sphere (tokens for partnerships and advisors). We’ve also reserved tokens for marketing activities (10%), further development of the project (10%), and for core team (9%).

More detailed info you may find in our whitepaper on our website –

Yuno – Blockelite Host: Ok, last question of this segment, everyone please prepare good questions for segment 3.
Q5: I am a developer and I want to contribute to your project along with earnings, Do you have any Bug Bounty to test for security holes?

Serhii Androsiuk – CEO of Hackless: Of course, we will have Bug Bounty. Currently, I can’t name exactly which products will be the first ones for Bug Bounty as we’re still in a development process, but we will definitely launch it. I’m sure that developer community is the stronger driving force for designing top solutions.

Moreover, we also have an idea to incentivize developer community to come up with interesting ideas about how to improve our products in order to secure DeFi industry, and to make it more protected from possible hacks and loss of assets

Yuno – Blockelite Host: You are awesome, thanks for answer all 5 best questions from twitter of my community
Last Segment for AMA today, The guests will select 5 best questions from the community.

Blockelite community:
Do you have tutorial videos so we can get to know your project more clearly or do you have a YouTube channel or something? can you share it with us?

Serhii Androsiuk – CEO of Hackless: Here is a short video covering details of SafeMigrate’s functionality and shed light on how it can help DeFi protocols minimize losses in case of an attack:

Blockelite community:
Can you tell us about some of your partners and who you plan to collaborate with in the near future ?

Serhii Androsiuk – CEO of Hackless: Currently we have already partnered with — project, which offers DeFi users a set of tools and services to maximize profits, eliminate risks and shield from bots. It is a mutually profitable partnership. We provide protection to their protocols from possible weak points (Watchdog), and in case any funds on their protocols will be protected with our SafeMigrate solution.
For us we will get Feeno integration. Quite an interesting solution for ETH-less transactions in the ERC20 network.
More details you may find in this article.
Peanut —

Also we’ve partnered with HAPI — a cyber security network protocol. Quite famous guys in the DeFi market.
They made a cool cross-chain solution that is suitable for the most popular blockchains, including the same Ethereum, Solana, Heco, Polygon, Near and XDC.
In essence, this partnership provides an opportunity to improve existing analytics and alert systems by integrating HAPI algorithms for monitoring and analyzing transactions into our Watchdog service.

Oh and + use their technology to extend Hackless to the Polygon blockchain as soon as we complete development for the Ethereum network.

Besides, we are backed by Blaize — one of the popular and successful blockchain development teams and security providers

Blockelite community:
Can you tell us about your team members? are they qualified and professional in their fields? what are the recruiting qualifications for team members for your extraordinary project?

Serhii Androsiuk – CEO of Hackless: I’ve already shared some info about the team members, but if you want more details, I attach here a link to our detailed article with a core team members description – feel free to read through 👍🏻

Blockelite community:
How can users stay up to date with this project? Are there channels, including local communities, where users can get the latest updates?

Serhii Androsiuk – CEO of Hackless: We do not have local communities in different countries yet, but we have main official resources, which are international, so you can join and get the latest news from us there:

🌐 Website
🐦 Twitter
📄 Medium
🗣 Telegram chat
💬 Telegram channel

Blockelite community:
Do you guys feel satisfied by seeing your progresses and achievements till now, when you look back to the day when you have started this project?

Serhii Androsiuk – CEO of Hackless: Yes, we do! We went through a lot from the start:
several hackathons, winning the ETHLisbon one, releasing the project on a bigger audience, several strong partnerships (and there’s coming more).

We have demo, negotiations with top tier funds and VCs, but what makes personally me happy is that we finally could share our idea, the market was ready, and we had a great feedback.

Now, we’re doing our utmost to deliver everything in the best way, so there’s more to go 💪

Yuno – Blockelite Host: Thank you for joining today AMA! It was awesome!
Our AMA session is now over !!!