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Blockelite X HAPI AMA Recap

Thank you to everyone who joined AMA Blockelite x HAPI on 23rd February at 3:00 PM UTC I 10:00 PM UTC+7. Here is the recap for those who missed this AMA.

Our special guest today is Dona Mara – Creator of HAPI

Segment 1: Introduction about HAPI and Dona Mara – Creator of HAPI

Q1. Can you briefly introduce yourself as well as HAPI?

Dona Mara – Creator of HAPI: I am hacker who hacked hackers 🙂
And present idea about HAPI 🙂
First cybersecurity onchain oracle 🙂
So we will protect DEFI application from hackers 🙂

Blockelite Host: Where did the name HAPI come from? Is “HAPI” the same as “Happy”?

Dona Mara – Creator of HAPI: Hacken API
But happy is ok 🙂

Q2. What is the difference between HAPI and other cybersecurity protocols? What makes your approach unique?

Dona Mara – Creator of HAPI: For now we haven’t onchain cybersecurity protocols 🙂

So we are first one

For now we have no competitors

Blockelite Host: sounds great, what will your project bring? What makes your approach unique?

Dona Mara – Creator of HAPI: We will protect DEFI app and exchanges
So it will be more secure to use it

Q3. What are the conditions and costs when using HAPI? How can people reduce the cybersecurity risk in DeFi when using HAPI?

Dona Mara – Creator of HAPI: Application will use HAPI

Users will be protected automatically

So exchanges will pay for this

Not users

Q4. What is your market strategy to get mass adoption of millions of users and attract investors to your project?

Dona Mara – Creator of HAPI: Partnership with top data providers

Like coingecko,, Chainanalysis. Is the key to success

We now how to provide and analyze security data

They know how to get it

I think all exchanges will use HAPI soon

Q5. What is the progress and roadmap of your project for 2021?

Dona Mara – Creator of HAPI: Guys, I can’t tell you

It’s our big marketing secret

You should wait a little

Segment 2: 5 best questions from Twitter

Q1: I understand from what you mentioned they have 2 tokens which are HAI and HAPI but what uses do this token have and how can I get them? Can I do staking with these tokens?

Dona Mara – Creator of HAPI: HAI it’s HACKEN token
HAPI it’s HAPI token
But You can farm HAPI using HAI
It’s type of distribution for our cybersecurity community

Q2: I see HAPI partnering with Hacken (HAI), what is the form of cooperation? How has Hacken helped HAPI develop its ecosystem? And what are the advantages for both sides?

Dona Mara – Creator of HAPI: HAPI – developers and Hackers
Hacken is business development
So they help us building business
After that DAO will drive all things

Q3: HAPI blocks the movement of stolen coins between DeFi and exchanges. But how does it understand it is stolen, automatically or is it triggered manually when needed?

Dona Mara – Creator of HAPI: 3 parts of this
Exchanges can add address manually
We can get address from data provider
AI+ML will send address

Q4: On moving forward through your roadmap, what are your most important next priorities? Does your team have enough fundamental (Funds, Community, ect) to achieve those milestones?

Dona Mara – Creator of HAPI: Yeap 🙂 now we need some time for development and audit

And partners

Exchanges and DEXs

Q5: Why did you decide to use your own oracles instead of using a traditional one like Chainlink? What are the advantages of “AML Oracle” over traditional oracles?

Dona Mara – Creator of HAPI: it’s like entrusting your safety to a marketer 🙂

HAPI it’s about cybersecurity

It’s not a marketing:)

More information about HAPI

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