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Blockelite X Oculus Vision AMA Recap

Thank you to everyone who joined AMA Blockelite x Oculus Vision on 2nd July at 3:00 PM UTC I 10:00 PM (UTC+7). Here is the recap for those who missed this AMA.

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Yuno – Blockelite Host: Hello fellow Eliters and welcome to another Blockelite AMA Series
So ladies and gents, Our special guest today is Allan Heremi – Co-founder & CEO of Oculus Vision
Hello @AllanHeremi , welcome to Blockelite today

Allan Heremi – Co-founder & CEO of Oculus Vision: Hello!
Thanks for having me, good to be here 😃

Yuno – Blockelite Host: Thanks for joinning today
How are you today?

Allan Heremi – Co-founder & CEO of Oculus Vision: Doing very well thank you! And yourself?

Yuno – Blockelite Host: I’m fine
On to the Segment 1 of our AMA, we hope you’re ready for the next few questions coming at you!

Allan Heremi – Co-founder & CEO of Oculus Vision: Feel free to go! I’ll try to answer as detailed as I can

Yuno – Blockelite Host: Great
Our guest is ready, we will enter Segment 1 right now !!!
Q1: Can you tell us a little bit about Oculus vision and why you set out to build Oculus vision?

Allan Heremi – Co-founder & CEO of Oculus Vision: We designed Oculus to solve problems that every investor is familiar with. When you try to invest in crypto and find early stage projects there is so much information available that it’s very difficult, borderline impossible to keep up.

Oculus solves that issue by streamlining all of the available info into an all in one platform. This way it will serve as the ultimate investor toolbox, from early seed funding stage to live coin tracking, the platform is designed to give crypto investors all the tools they need, in one place.

Yuno – Blockelite Host: Thank you, for your introduction, our pleasure to have you join us today
Next question
Q2: That sounds good but can you be more specific? What are the exact problems that Oculus will solve for investors?

Allan Heremi – Co-founder & CEO of Oculus Vision: We’re building Oculus Vision to do 5 basic things for investors:

Get a clear overview in one dashboard of all the different IDO’s and coin sales going on.

Allow you to track all of your coins, crosschain, both CEX and DEX, in one spot.

Discover super-early stage projects so regular investors get a chance to invest in seed or strategic raise stage so you get access to projects pre-IDO.

Follow and make calls for projects so you can follow users with a good track record and get in early with them

Participate in launches with a rugpull safety net feature so investors don’t have to carry as high of a risk.

Yuno – Blockelite Host: Oculus will find all the information and give it to you

Allan Heremi – Co-founder & CEO of Oculus Vision: That’s right

Yuno – Blockelite Host: Thank you
Next question
Q3: When you say that it’s going to work “cross-chain”, which chains do you mean by that?

Allan Heremi – Co-founder & CEO of Oculus Vision: That we will not be limited to one blockchain only, we’ll focus on the most popular networks. So initially that will be Ethereum, BSC, Polygon and Solana integration. It’s hard to know the future so we’ll see which upcoming chains will gain popularity and build infrastructure for that accordingly.

Yuno – Blockelite Host: BSC, Polygon and Solana is so hot in this year 🙂
Thanks for sharing
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Q4: Can you tell us a bit more about the Call Tracking and the early stage thing? How will that work?

Allan Heremi – Co-founder & CEO of Oculus Vision: Yes sure! You’ve probably seen the ‘upvote’ and ‘downvote’ mechanisms on Reddit etc. Making calls will work in a very similar way.

So a project can be ‘upvoted’ or ‘downvoted’ and projects will get a certain score that way so you can see at a glance which projects look great and which projects…not so much.

What’s important to know is that the score is based on a dynamic karma system. So a call from someone that has made good calls in the past will be weighted more heavily than someone that has no track record. So the better the track record and the more active someone is in the community – the higher their Karma score and the more influence they have over a project score.

Active community members will also be rewarded in the Oculus ecosystem so that stakers with more karma receive better staking APYs and higher weighted allocations on the Oculus launchpad.

Yuno – Blockelite Host: Sounds great
Next question
Q5: Why would this product succeed in today’s crowded marketplace? What exactly does Oculus do better?

Allan Heremi – Co-founder & CEO of Oculus Vision: Everyone I talk to regarding this subject immediately recognizes the issues I mentioned above. There is a clear and present market gap. We can all see it, but it doesn’t seem to be getting addressed.

So Oculus is rushing to be the first to market for these issues and make early stage investor life easier.

In general products succeed that make life either easier or solve a problem cheaper / faster. We’re planning to do both of those things.

Yuno – Blockelite Host: Great :)) Oculus will appear soon, right ?

Allan Heremi – Co-founder & CEO of Oculus Vision: Yes we’re currently estimating somewhere around 5 to 6 weeks

Yuno – Blockelite Host: Next question
Q6: Where are you currently at in development and what’s next?

Allan Heremi – Co-founder & CEO of Oculus Vision: We are currently developing the IDO index, so the first phase of the Oculus Vision platform. We’re expecting to launch phase 1 in +/-5 weeks.

Things are coming along well and we’re already working on phase 2 simultaneously.

I can’t go into very many specifics but users can expect the platform to expand quite rapidly after launch as well as a huge marketing campaign & some undisclosed partnerships.

Yuno – Blockelite Host: Can’t wait for it 🙂
Next question
Q7: Would you kindly be able to share any important links with the community?

Allan Heremi – Co-founder & CEO of Oculus Vision:
Here are all the appropriate links:

Telegram announcements:
Litepaper: Can be found on website =)

Hopefully nothing forgotten!

Yuno – Blockelite Host: Please join telegram 🙂 follow the project
Last question in segment
Q8: If someone is interested in Oculus Vision and would like to invest in the project, what would you advise them to do?

Allan Heremi – Co-founder & CEO of Oculus Vision: Best thing to do right now is join the Telegram group and pin it to the top so you don’t miss any new announcements. We’ll be reserving token allocation at a nice discount for our Telegram followers so make sure you’re in there and you don’t miss out when we announce that.

Apart from that make sure to follow us on Twitter and come say hi in the Telegram community chat!

Yuno – Blockelite Host: Perfect ❤️
We wrapped up nicely the first part.

Allan Heremi – Co-founder & CEO of Oculus Vision: Indeed =)

Yuno – Blockelite Host: Are you ready for Segment 2 (5 best questions from twitter)?

Allan Heremi – Co-founder & CEO of Oculus Vision: I am ready!

Yuno – Blockelite Host: let’s go
Q1: We can see uncountable amount of Hacking & Leaking News today in this Cryptocurrency Space. How you ensure that the assets of Oculus Vision Users are Safe and Secure?

Allan Heremi – Co-founder & CEO of Oculus Vision: We will run audits on everything that has to do with users funds before it goes live on the platform, additionally we will be using Gnosis multisig for all the project wallets.

Yuno – Blockelite Host: Yes, safe is important
Next question
Q2: What is the reason why you are confident that Oculus Vision will be successful?

Allan Heremi – Co-founder & CEO of Oculus Vision: We are building a solution to a problem that every crypto investor faces, and we’re the first ones on the market to be building this solution.

Yuno – Blockelite Host: and trust Oculus Vision and the CEO of Oculus Vision =))

Allan Heremi – Co-founder & CEO of Oculus Vision: Hehe thanks for saying that 😃

Yuno – Blockelite Host: Next question
Q3: What are the outstanding features and advantages of Oculus Vision to attract users and investors?

Allan Heremi – Co-founder & CEO of Oculus Vision: We have quite a few cool features, one feature that is first to market as I mentioned above is the IDO index, it will be helpful for any crypto investor and it has never been done before.

Yuno – Blockelite Host: Continue with Q4
Q4: What is the projects revenue model? In which ways do you generate revenue/profit?

Allan Heremi – Co-founder & CEO of Oculus Vision: Our revenue income will mainly come from advertising via the platform.

Yuno – Blockelite Host: Ok, last question of this segment, everyone please prepare good questions for segment 3.
Q5: Where does the project name come from? What does it mean for you and why did you choose that name for your project?

Allan Heremi – Co-founder & CEO of Oculus Vision: Oculus is a latin word that can be translated as eye, it’s something we came up with to represent the improved insight into the crypto market users will benifit from our platform.

Yuno – Blockelite Host: You are awesome, thanks for answer all 5 best questions from twitter of my community.
Last Segment for AMA today, The guests will select 5 best questions from the community.

Blockelite Community:
What are the ways that your project generates profit / revenue to sustain your project and what is its revenue model? How can it be mutually beneficial for both the investor and your project?

Allan Heremi – Co-founder & CEO of Oculus Vision: The main revenue income initially will come from advertising that we will conduct on the platform =)

Blockelite Community:
How easy is to use your platform and do you have any guide for beginners?

Allan Heremi – Co-founder & CEO of Oculus Vision: We are aiming to make a simple and user friendly platform, there is no guide as of yet as the platform is not yet live. But we will post an easy guide on Medium when we launch.

Blockelite Community:
Many projects rug pulled and exit scam recently. Why should investors trust your project not to do the same?

Allan Heremi – Co-founder & CEO of Oculus Vision: We have a fully public team with all of the project’s funds in a gnosis multisign wallet, which means there is no way any one party on the team can steal funds and rug and all transactions need to be co-signed.

Blockelite Community:
Can you tell us describely about the tokenomics? How many tokens will be minted? And how many tokens will be locked by the team/investors?

Allan Heremi – Co-founder & CEO of Oculus Vision: There will be 100M tokens in total, the tokenomics are mentioned in the litepaper (find it on website )

Blockelite Community:
Why did you choose BSC platform for development? In the future, do you have plans to expand or develop your system on other networks like Ethereum, Heco or Polkadot?

Allan Heremi – Co-founder & CEO of Oculus Vision: We felt it suited us best to start out on BSC, we have plans to expand cross chain with the first goal being to get on the Ethereum blockchain also.

Yuno – Blockelite Host: You have answered 5 questions, do you want to answer more ?

Allan Heremi – Co-founder & CEO of Oculus Vision: I would love to but I got some other things I need to attend to, I’m a very busy guy 😅 so will have to leave it there.

But thank you again for having me!!

Yuno – Blockelite Host: Thank you for joining today AMA! It was awesome!
Our AMA session is now over !!!
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