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Blockelite x pNetwork AMA Recap

Thank you to everyone who joined AMA Blockelite x pNetwork on 13rd October at 2 PM BST I 8 PM UTC+7. Here is the recap for those who missed this AMA.

Hello fellow Eliters and welcome to another Blockelite AMA Series

Our special guest today is Alice Corsini, COO of pNetwork

Guest Alice Corsini: hello everyone, thanks for having me! 😊

Segment 1: Introduce about pNetwork and Guest Alice Corsini — COO of pNetwork

Q1: Can you briefly introduce yourself as well as the pNetwork project?

Guest Alice Corsini: 

Hello everyone! I am Alice Corsini, my background is in economics & management and I now serve as Head of Operations at pNetwork. I first heard about Bitcoin back in 2013 and I actively started working in this industry in 2015.
During this time, I have touched first hand both financial and technical aspects of blockchain, having collaborated with a Bitcoin on-ramp first, the longest-running blockchain oracle service then and being with the pNetwork now.
Collaborating with startups gave me the opportunity to work on a variety of tasks in different areas, including business strategy and development, marketing, financials and accounting among others. I have also participated as a speaker at international education-driven events in collaboration with Startups, Enterprises and the Academia.

pNetwork is what we define as the heartbeat of cross-chain composability. It is an all-around project aiming to overcome blockchain barriers and enable the free movement of assets across blockchains via pTokens. While doing this, it guarantees easy access to the world of DeFi via the Eidoo app and it strives for a progressive decentralization of the system whose first step is the pNetwork DAO.

Did you buy cheap bitcoin in 2013?

Guest Alice Corsini: unfortunately not 😟 bad decision!

If I go back that year, I’ll buy bitcoin
Maybe now I am a billionaire

Guest Alice Corsini: me too! but at the time I was a student and I thought it would be too risky 🤦🏻‍♀️ I changed my mind now and have BTC savings
(actually.. pBTC savings)

Q2: Who are the current notable partners for pNetwork and what can we expect from the partnerships that you have?

Guest Alice Corsini:

pNetwork is currently bringing value to both the Ethereum and EOS ecosystems and it is working along with relevant players on both of these. pTokens bridges are adopted by major DeFi platforms including Kyber Network, Bancor, Loopring, Eosfinex among others — all of these integrations concur into boosting the adoption of the system.
We are currently working on a variety of new collaborations, one of these to be launched shortly.

Nice =))
EOS and Ethereum
E and E

Guest Alice Corsini: ahahah yep.. currently, they are the 2 biggest defi platforms in terms of applications being developed on each of those. That’s why we started from there

but pTokens has a flexible design, so there’s the possibility for us to integrate on other chains as well

Next platform will be Tron?

Guest Alice Corsini: a few people in the community have expressed interest for Tron, so that is something we are looking at

How much is pToken’s circulating supply ?

Guest Alice Corsini: at the moment is 1.6 Million usd, split across pBTC on ETH, pBTC on EOS, pLTC on ETH and pLTC on EOS

you can see the circulating supply for each of those at

Q3: The ultimate goal is the pNetwork, the heartbeat of cross-chain composability supported by a community government and a secure network of validators. How are you doing it, what processes have been completed, what can we wait for in the near future?

Guest Alice Corsini:

That’s correct, pNetwork is following a progressive decentralization approach. Currently, the entire system is fully transparent thanks to the use of Trusted Computing. The pNetwork DAO was introduced earlier this year to decentralize the governance of the system. The next step for decentralizing the project will be the introduction of a network of node operators — we are actively working on this and expect to release more details in the coming weeks.

Can you introduce more about the pNetwork DAO?

Guest Alice Corsini:

sure! the pNetwork DAO is the first step towards a more decentralized system. The DAO is based on the Aragon framework (with some custom additions) and it encourages active participation in the decentralized decision making and success of the project. In fact, it gives 42% APY in rewards to all active DAO members — by following the project and voting in DAO proposals, DAO members banefit from it.

we tried to make the DAO easily accessible for everyone, that is why you can access it from the aragon interface, the eidoo app and via binance staking 🦜

Wow, apy is 42% =)) nice numbers

Guest Alice Corsini: it is!! It’s a quite high incentive, but we really care about making the system a shared effort among the main development team and the community. That’s why, during the first stages of the project, we decided to introduce a strong incentive for people to get in touch with the project

I use binance staking =)) for example venus, alpha
Hope i can see pToken =)))

Guest Alice Corsini: that is something our community has suggested, so we worked with the Binance Staking team and PNT staking is now available there

Q4: Can you share more about, how does it differrent from Defi products and other yield farming products?

Guest Alice Corsini:

While presenting a similar interface to other DeFi yield farming programmes, gives the unique opportunity to join in liquidity mining initiatives with Bitcoin and other assets. Holders can benefit from DeFi incentives while not having to change the assets’ exposure of their portfolio.

at the moment, has one ongoing programme for pBTC, but programmes for other pTokens will be introduced

pBTC on Steroids is very easy actually to use, you can join in directly via

users are rewarded when providing liquidity to the pBTC/wBTC pool on Uniswap

Can you show that programmes?

Guest Alice Corsini: sure! the programme you can see directly at — people can join either in pBTC or wBTC

the pool currently holds 2 Millions liquidity

as you can see here:

here’s a screenshot of the steroids interface.. it’s literally just connect wallet and stake, super easy!

Q5: How do you view the importance of the community? Do you have plans to launch any special events to engage and grow your community soon?

Guest Alice Corsini:

Community is a key element and I personally look forward to seeing the pNetwork community grow even further. We have organised community initiatives in the past, both directed to the growth of the project (for example the pBTC x Kyber Swap campaign) and of the ecosystem (for example the PNT x Binance trading campaign). We intend to keep doing so. Initiatives currently ongoing include rewards for active participation within the DAO (42% APY) and liquidity providing via

Segment 2: 5 best question form twitter

Q1: Auditing plays an important intermediary role in the development of DeFi projects. What audit methods has pNetwork applied in project development? Can you talk more about it? from @nguyen1093

Guest Alice Corsini:

pNetwork follows a best-in-classe auditing methodology. We have a continuous auditing process that sees the continuous technical review of code — every change is audited before going to production!
More details on this:

we take security of the system seriously as you can see 💪

Q2: Users often care less about technology, but rather the value of the token. How do pNetworkDeFi manage to strike a balance between developing the technology and also improving the value of the token? from @nidhom_sadewa

Guest Alice Corsini:

I think the two things are tight together — token value drives adoption and adoption drives token value. As a team, we are doing our best to work on both technologies advancements, collaborations and community growth — in fact, I think some of our upcoming collaborations will be interesting for both aspects.

Q3: How is pNetwork development going? Can you describe in detail current development efforts, market expansion plans, expected applications, and when will they become commercially available? from @tan20012001

Guest Alice Corsini:

As mentioned, the pNetwork is an all-around ecosystem. On the pTokens side, a key component we are actively working on is our progressive decentralization roadmap and the introduction of a network of node operators. In parallel, we are working on adding new pTokens bridges — for example, something we are actively working on is the connection between EOS and Ethereum blockchains. On the Eidoo side, the team is actively involved in the final steps of the Eidoo crypto card. Additionally, we are looking to expanding the pNetwork ecosystem via collaborations with relevant players in the industry — in fact, one will be announced shortly.

I am looking forward to something to come

Guest Alice Corsini: stay tuned! There’s one collaboration I am particularly happy about as I think it can help grow adoption of the system.. I have been personally working on it along with other team members and it will be public very soon

People can follow on website, medium or telegram

Guest Alice Corsini: exactly! twitter as well 😊 we usually spread updates across all of these channels

Can you share it now?

Guest Alice Corsini: ahah I am afraid I can’t yet 😅 I will give you a hint, it is sort of connected with this news that went out last week

Q4: On which pTokens I can Provide Liquidity? In future what are the other pToken can we see live? from @luis102997

Guest Alice Corsini:

Currently, pTokens live on both Ethereum and EOS as pBTC and pLTC. We are working on a connection between the Ethereum and EOS blockchains that will be launched later this month

Q5: pNetwork provides an outstanding way for holders of BTC, LTC and ETH to jump to non-native blockchains. Is there a possibility that these pBTC, pLTC, pETH, etc. gets listed on major centralized exchanges and users can directly exchange their assets? from @MuLan85522129

Guest Alice Corsini:

Yes, support on centralized exchanges is a possibility and something we look forward to seeing live 🔥

List on many exchanges will help with liquidity

You are awesome, thanks for answer all 5 best questions from twitter of my community.

Guest Alice Corsini: great questions everyone, thank you!!

Segment 3: 5 live questions

1. What’s your vision ultimately? What is pNetwork trying to achieve in the longer term and how do you plan to get there? How will your ultimate vision and mission make a difference in the world?

Guest Alice Corsini:

thank you for asking this! Ultimately, we want to help the blockchain ecosystem evolve. Our team is formed of crypto natives, we really like what we are building. That is also why we don’t want to limit ourself to a 10years-long plan — this ecosystem evolves continuously and we want to be able to evolve with it, by contributing to it and creating benefits for our pNetwork community

2. The objective of the pNetwork is reach the fully Decentralization, so can you tell me what elements of pNetwork keeps the “Centralized” feature? Also when you prevent be fully Decentralized?

Guest Alice Corsini:

at the moment, the system is progressing towards decentralisation. While the system is fully transparent already (it is audited + anyone can verify the correct execution of the cross-chain process), it is currently not run on a multi-node setup. We are actively working on progressing towards a more decentralized infrastructure, the first step was the launch of the pNetwork DAO. The next step is the introduction of a network of node operators, planned for this year

3. DeFi is one of the hottest topics in the blockchain field. Can you share your opinion about DeFi with us? Do you think DeFi will destroy the existing financial system? What’s your project Approach towards DeFi?

Guest Alice Corsini:

I think DeFi is a new term for defining something that has always been a key value of the blockchain ecosystem. Bitcoin itself was born as a challenge to the traditional financial system. As more and more financial tools are being built using blockchain technology, we see the advantages of it. I don’t know if this will “destroy” the traditional financial world, but I think financial institutions are being challenged by DeFi and will eventually need to adapt and innovate their systems as a consequence 🔥

4. The introduction of pNetwork describes “The Heartbeat of Cross-Chain Composability”. Can you please explain to us how this is possible? Can PNT be stored on another blockchain? How can pNetwork cross-chain composability better than others?

Guest Alice Corsini:

all blockchains are walled in their own garden as assets and dApps built on a blockchain cannot natively communicate with assets and dApps on another blockchain. pNetwork solves this issue thanks to pTokens bridges. pTokens integrates with each blockchain in a custom way and enables assets there to freely move into other blockchains via a fully transparent connection bridge

5. What is the logic behind pToken creation? How do you choose which next pTokens will be issued?

Guest Alice Corsini:

this is based on demand from the community and other projects. For example, pBTC on ETH was the first pToken to be released on mainnet because there is a strong demand from the Ethereum community for tokenised BTC. Another example is pLTC on EOS, which was requested by a partner of ours, eosfinex.

we are always happy to hear feedback from the community. If you have any ideas on what we should connect next, feel free to share it here or on our channels

let me answer one last one to thank eveyone for their support and interest

6. What role do the Aragon interface and the Eidoo application play in pNetwork DAO? What is their role within your platform?

Guest Alice Corsini:

these are the two main interfaces to our DAO. Aragon is more flexible and I would suggest it to people who need advanced features (for example if you want to stake from one address for another address), while the Eidoo DAO manager is easier to use and it is designed to facilitate the interaction

we look forward to having all of you guys joining our DAO and contribute to the success of our project!

Thank you for joining today AMA! It was awesome! Would you like to address the community before we open the chat? 😉 @AliceCorsini

Guest Alice Corsini: thank you everyone for joining this AMA!

Our AMA session is now over !!!

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