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Blockelite x Zeedex AMA Recap

Thank you to everyone who joined AMA Blockelite x Zeedex on 7th January at 3:00 PM UTC I 10:00 PM UTC+7. Here is the recap for those who missed this AMA.

Our special guest today is Kyunghun Cheong – Founder of Zeedex

Segment 1: Introduction about Zeedex and Kyunghun Cheong – Founder of Zeedex

Q1: Can you briefly introduce yourself as well as Zeedex?

Kyunghun Cheong – Founder of Zeedex: Hi everyone, I am Kyunghun Cheong from Zeedex. I have worked for many years in the Blockchain Industry with my last work in The QT Company. Working with 3 more Devs on this amazing project.

Zeedex is a Decentralized Exchange with a motive to Make Things Easy for the Public – and – Unite Users from all Chains.
We understand the difficulties and hurdles of users wanting to support Decentralized Platforms, but feel difficulties due to factors like High Gas Fees and Technical Issues.

We brought a DEX with off-chain match making and on-chain settlements. Trade with zero gas fees.
Enjoy, zeedex is depositless and non custodial, limit orders created on user side, so funds are SAFU.

Q2: Currently we can know some popular decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap, 1inch, Justswap … so what difference will Zeedex make from them? How is your strategy for handling problems of users, transaction volume, liquidity, and security?

Kyunghun Cheong – Founder of Zeedex: Zeedex is very Different from Other Exchanges.
Firstly its a DEX so there is simply no Comparison to CEX like Binance, Kucoin, etc.
We are bringing all Features and Ease of Trading on a CEX into Zeedex.
Now lets get to the Decentralized Exchanges.

Advantages Over Uniswap Justswap –
Trade With ZERO Gas Fees
Limit Orders

Advantages Over IDEX –
NonCustodial, Depositless – All Funds Remain in your wallet even when orders are open in the Orderbook.
Staking Events

Apart from that,
We plan to bring in new projects time to time for listing on Zeedex. Keeping the momentum running.
Additionally, we will be doing IDEOs, Staking, etc.
Zeedex is the new face of How a Dex should be in terms of Ease of Use, Userbase and Security.

Talking about Security now,
Security is Solid on Zeedex. Firstly Talking about the contract, we have nothing to lose since Zeedex is NonCustodial Depositless, so there are no funds with us.
Funds always remain on User’s wallet, so Funds are SAFU (The Biggest Concern).
Talking about If Servers holding the Open Orders get hacked and changed, they won’t execute on Blockchain cause the Hashed Data won’t match on Servers and Blockchain.
So we are Confident that we are secure all around.

Blockelite Host: You can’t affect users’ money, right?

Kyunghun Cheong – Founder of Zeedex: Yes
No Deposit, No Withdrawal
Funds Remain in your wallet Always

Q3: What are the ZDEX token utilities? What are the user benefits of holding ZDEX token in the long term?

Kyunghun Cheong – Founder of Zeedex: Just 5 Months from our Sale and we already have a usecase of Trading Fees Discount for Zeedex Holders, there are too many usecases on our upcoming roadmap.

Our Roadmap Consists of a lot of milestones which will result in massive growth, making it a healthy hodl for our investors.
IDEOs will be the hottest thing when its released, Margin Trading with Lending/Borrow System, Mobile Apps, Desktop Apps, etc.

We have a Solid Roadmap which is being followed by us pretty nicely, also we are keen to adopt new and innovative ideas emerging in the market which can help us make this even better.

Zeedex is projected to be the biggest player in Crypto Space. Being a DEX in itself makes us more trustworthy for users, in addition to that are, our advantages to other DEXs.
The Milestones on the Roadmap and Future Releases based on that is what will result in Benefits for Zeedex Investors.

Q4: What criteria do you evaluate the project to be qualified and listed on Zeedex?

Kyunghun Cheong – Founder of Zeedex: We have many public and private requirements for a project to be eligible for listing.
Public ones consist of –
1) Having a Verified Contract
2) Bug Free Contract – We check the contract code to be free of bugs and hacks
3) Having a Healthy Community
4) Good Team
5) Good Project
6) Must be a Utility Token, we do not list security tokens.

There are multiple private ones too like Maintaining Market Depth, Project Scope, etc.

Q5. What are some achievements of Zeedex and what is next on the roadmap?

Kyunghun Cheong – Founder of Zeedex: The Biggest Achievements of Zeedex are the –
Mainnet on BSC (Binance Smart Chain)
Mainnet on ETH
and the Bridge between ETH <-> BSC Chain for ZDEX Token.

Our next roadmap milestone consists of Launching an analytical platform for Zeedex, IDEOs, Staking and much more to come.
So its an ongoing process, each day we are progressing and achieving more and more.

Segment 2: 5 best questions from Twitter

Q1: What are the main goal that Zeedex wants to achieve in 2021?

Kyunghun Cheong – Founder of Zeedex: We plan on releasing, release upgrades for Trade Competitions, IDEOS, Staking.
We have a product now which will keep growing and evolving, Marketing is our next move soon.

Our Main Goal is to become the top DEX in the industry, have a big userbase, huge trading volume and build a lot of trust and support in the Crypto Space.

Q2: Can you tell me some reasons for a user to use Zeedex to trade their assets instead of other famous exchanges such as Bitmax, Huobi, Binance. …?

Kyunghun Cheong – Founder of Zeedex: Well, we are trying our best to even cross further – the ease of CEX Trading.

Trading your Assets is safer on Zeedex cause its Depositless.
Funds always remain in your wallet, no deposits and no withdrawals.
Trading Fees will be 0.1% for Taker and 0.3% for Maker, that will be in Quote Tokens and Zero Gas Fees – Users don’t need to worry about Network Congestions, Gas Prices and Limits.
We handle it all for you.

Our Motive is to make Trading very easy and also stay Decentralized, Fast and Secure.

Q3. What is the mission and vision of Zeedex , what are Zeedex partners? What is the Zeedex plan now?

Kyunghun Cheong – Founder of Zeedex: Our Mission is to Make Things Easy for the Public – and – Unite Users from all Chains.
We have partnered up with FERA to bring strategical and analytical data for crypto assets making it much more easy for people to understand about the assets they want to trade.

We have many more partnerships coming soon, in-talk with some.
Our Plan now is to Grow/Expand, our product is already released, the only thing left to do is Maintain and Market it.
Marketing is our next target.

Q4: The goal of Investors, traders is to optimize the reward/risk ratio, so does Zeedex have any plans to help them?

Kyunghun Cheong – Founder of Zeedex: We are doing our best to grow Zeedex, being developers we do not influence the price, we solely believe in growing the project and let the traders handle the open market.

Also we just released our API to public and API Docs –
Other devs can now work on tools to optimize and enhance trading experience on Zeedex.

Q5: Many projects rug pulled and exit scam recently. Why should investors trust your project not to do the same?

Kyunghun Cheong – Founder of Zeedex: My experience speaks that Rug Pulls are only done by new-born projects who just finished their sale event.

We on the other hand are way ahead of our sale and even launched our Project on Mainnet within 4 months of the sale which is very rare to see.

We have Proven ourselves that we are not here to rug or scam, instead to bring a great product to the masses.
Crypto is still evolving and we think that we can make it more Fast, Efficient, Easy and Safe.
Zeedex is here to Stay and Grow.

Segment 3: Live questions.

Q1: How does Zeedex API system works? Can Any trader using API for trading in Zeedex?

Kyunghun Cheong – Founder of Zeedex: Yes,

Any Trader can use the API to trade on our exchange.
You can even create Trading Bots and let the computers manage your trades.

Each and Every step to trade via API is listed in our Docs.

Q2: 1-Increasing Token price
2- make Token Valuable
3-Building Community Trust
From 3 aspects above,. I want to ask,. Which one the most important for you??
If all above are important for you,. Which one that Will you do first??

Kyunghun Cheong – Founder of Zeedex: 2 and 3 are important to me.

1 – We as devs don’t go into Open Markets and Maintaining Price.
We only work on Making the Project grow.

When project is good, people trust us.

And the more we make Zeedex better, the more is the value.

So ultimately, we work only on making the exchange better. 🙂
Nice Question

Our AMA session is now over !!!

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