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Overview : H20 DAO

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What is DAO?

DAO is undoubtedly the most innovated form of governance that transform how public think about organizations. People usually think about organizations as some entities that centralized, full of censorship, and favored the insiders.

DAO has changed that notion. Let’s think of DAO is a blockchain-based company that’s owned and managed by its members. That company has its own treasuries that no one has the authority to access without the approval of the group. Decisions are governed by proposals and voting to ensure everyone in the organization has a voice.

Unlike traditional business, DAO has no CEO who can authorize spending based on his or her own scheme and has no CFO who manipulates the records. Everything is transparent, and the rules around spending decision are embedded into the DAO via codes.

What is H2O DAO?

Inhered the spirit of decentralization, H2O DAO is founded with the aim to provide public with high quality stream of information about the blockchain world. The project prides itself as one of the first of its kind to adopt the DAO model, in which the platform is owned by the participants. With this form of governance, H2O DAO has given its participants the power to raise their voice.

This feature is truly unique to H2O DAO. Let’s have a look at our traditional media industry. People are given information that is distorted by the influence of the affluence. Such streams of news and information shape our opinion and make the public the product of the industry. H2O DAO is such a revolution in that the platform promises to provide the participants to the platforms with full coverage of all the movements in the blockchain industry in a decentralized manner. In addition, as the owners of the platform, H2O DAO holders can cast their opinion on how the platform operates and make adjustment to the rights and benefit via voting. Furthermore, as an investment firm in nature, H2O DAO benefits its holders with airdrops from invested projects or third-party. Last but not least, H2O DAO ushers in a wave of investment opportunities for projects that want to enter blockchain world by providing fund, under the permission of its community, to give a push for their initial steps.

What makes H2O DAO special?

Besides all the potential and promises, what makes H2O DAO standing out from the crowd of DAOs is the significant positive in its recent price action. H2O DAO does support its holder not only on papers and roadmap but also in most practical way: price.

Despite a quite negative price movement of BTC recently, the price of H2O DAO surprises the market with a pretty strong growth. Currently traded at $0.72/ token, H20 DAO impresses investors with a 7x growth. According to Huobi data, the all-time-high price of H2O was $0.899/token. The very strong price action reflects the confidence of investors and public on the fundamental and future of the project.


While the market turbulence is apparent, and no one know what the future will hold for the market, H2O DAO emerges as a rare gem that gains the confidence of investors in such bear market. H2O DAO will continue to surprise us with many of its future developments to come.